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can any one help my back been so sore?

my back has been so sore i can actually feel my muslces twitching really bad in between shoulder blades and down the right side of back the last 3 years i have been in 2 car accidents which really hurt the back i have been on percocets, flexiral,now im on noroflex it seems nothing helps now im getting bad head achs,which are causing me to not eat and i just have been going to washroom so much i dont know y i havent been eating i have lost 10 pounds in a week,does anyone think it might be more serious then just cronic back pain?

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    It sounds serious and would get some xrays done. ask the doctor if going to a chiropractor would help although they usually recommend therapy. then go to a chiropractor and ask what they think.

    if it wasnt as serious as you say i would buy one of the incline machine that make you go upside down, thats what i have and my back in middle of spine is a small s (almost like scoliosis but not bad enough for more meds) and i have 2 discs that have a small gap between each and the calcium and such build up. I bought mine for 200 and since its helped; each time my back starts to get sore i go upside down for a bit then the majority of pain subsides.

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    See a specialist right away!

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