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Giant African Land snails illegal ?

My friend has one of these gross pets i told her to get rid of it!! cause i am sure they are illegal here in Canada, am i right?


by getting rid of it i ment killing it or sending it somewhere were it can be relocated

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    Yes,they are illegal to keep in Canada and the United States.But I would not advise to get "rid",in which part you have to release them back in the wild.They will upset ecological balance in the area's wildlife.You can convince him/her that it's illegal to keep one in your area.Contact your State Department of Agriculture (you will find this office listed under State government in your phone book, or on the web at:

    Again,do not release them as Giant African Land snails can be massively invasive.You wouldn't believe how it will affect your area's crops and agriculture.

    Well,you could try drowning them in a bucket of water.That will eliminate them.Not really humane in a way but in the first place,how did your friend got one?


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    Giant African Land Snail Canada

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    Yes they are. If it gets out it can cause serious ecological damage.

  • 1 decade ago read it and its says it is illegal!

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