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Why are Russians unable to create a decent government?

First there was the Tsarist system, then the Soviet experiment based extremely loosely on Marxism, and now a corrupt version of capitalism? Wth???

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    Russia has never had a history of democratic society. They have always had a strong man telling them what to do throughout their history, as a result it is very easy for them to fall to strong men.

    It is possible that they could create a decent government, but they must work to overcome hundreds of years of believing that some strong man has all the answers, and overcoming ones cultural history is the most difficult thing for a people to do.

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    It is not so much the Russians as it is outside interference.

    All of the things you listed were caused by powerful outside sources, revolutionaries operating with the support of the west.

    With time, every government becomes more civilized. The Soviet Union was actually a decent place to live in its last decade of existence, which led to a pretty widespread national regret.

    I believe that if people would stop messing with Russia, it will become a good place. Even though Putin and Mendelev are very heavy handed, once they have secured Russia, the healing will begin and the country will once again become a stable place for at least a few decades.

    I do see why people believe Russia is run by gansters, but when you think of it, the only real difference between the rich in the US and the rich in Russia is that US laws revolve around the rich so that they can make money, and in Russia, they just dont care if the laws are there or not.

    They are all thieves, who fix prices and force us to rely on them. Our side simply has the government so far in its pocket, the givernment gives them credibility through law.

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    Small government that gives the power of basic decision making to intelligent representatives, selected by its citizens, and allows a moral and ethical society coupled with a legal system equipped to justly deal with those who violate the guidelines set by people of good conscience, will assure a functioning society.

    Add to that the freedom to work and earn and keep the fruits of your own labor while encouraging a charitable attitude and soon you will have a thriving society.

    Most people want that. Any society with a powerful government dictating what the individual can do and trying to micromanage individual activities will be corrupted to the detriment of the society they are trying to serve.

    Face facts. All individuals are imperfect and that is why the American Constitution gave the power of Government to the citizen and set up a weak central government with limited powers. It also gave more power to the states which are closer to the citizen and better able to serve them. It is also easier for the citizens of states to monitor thier respective representatives and deal with local corruption by voting them out of office.

    That style of limited government has been violated even in the USA. The degradation of their society and economy is the evident result. Russia has never even tried to place power into the hands of their citizens. Their history, and rejection of moral and ethical standards, makes that a questionable alternative. Any and all systems can be corrupted if those in power are tyrants that undersand and use power for selfish gain. Capitalism also fails when greed or elitist attitudes are the only motivation.

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    Why can't the United States prevent their economy from falling apart. Why do they need to bail out the auto makers?

    It's part of the processes. Not every government can be perfect. And decent? In every country you will have people who say their government is decent while others say it's corrupt.

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    for countries with longer histroy takes more work to establish democracy,

    look at all the countires in the east,

    which one has democracy?

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    Russians are brutes that don't care about human life.

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    russia is run by gangsters and ex kgb. do you really expect it to be a shining example of democracy?

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