Does Clark Kent ever tell Lois Lane he is Superman in the movies starring Christopher Reeve?


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    Yes in the second one, when Lois Lane & Clark Kent where at the Niagara Falls during an assigment. Apparently by accident (or by Clark's inconscential desicion) she discovers it and he admits.

    By the end of the movie he makes her forget the information, so it is back his secret.

  • 4 years ago

    Well see can now since they got married back in the mid 90s and Clark told her. In the Innocent days of comics (Golden and Sliver Age), reality and relationships weren't really that important and so writers could get away with it. However, as comic book story telling progressed during the 1980s this became a little far-fetched. Most major comic book characters under went changes during the 1980s and this included Superman. John Byrne's mini-series Man of Steel, released in 1986, clarified the Superman origin story. Clark Kent was the "real man" and Superman the disguise - Byrne had Clark and Superman become totally different people using voice, personality and body language. Also, because Superman never wore a mask , people just figured he didn't have anything to hide - like a secret identity.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, in Superman 2, but then he makes her forget. The tv show Lois and Clark has them married and everything.

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    in 2nd film, he 'accidentally' falls into a fire and isn't burned, she not being totally stupid, figures it after having started to suspect earlier in the film. he then becomes Mortal, (They hook up, and this is the basis for Jr. In Superman Returns) only to get Suped up later when the 3 villains arrive, and eventually taking the knowledge away from her w/ the Mid whammy kiss at the end

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  • FUNdie
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    In Superman I, at the end, he tries to, but chickens out. At the beginning of Superman II, at Niagara Falls, he was going to but also chickened out, but then he fell into the fire and she figured it out when his hand wasn't burned. Then he confessed everything and took her to the Fortress of Solitude, and gave up his powers to be with her.

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    yes. he gives up his powers to be with her. She figures it out when he falls in a fire and doesn't burn his hand.

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