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Sexism Also Effects Men

Many feminist fight against sexism but there focus is usually on women, failing to recognize that we are not the only ones effected by sexism. In the article Sexism in Comics the author, Robert Tidewall a feminist says, “Sexism can be found in pretty much any context, even when the writer or artist is a woman” Clearly he believes that women can be sexist towards women.” Which I completely agree with, but by saying the words “even women can be found sexist” gave me the feeling that this author believes that only women are affected by sexism. While I believe that sexism affect both men and women.

There are many cartoons and television shows that portray the male gender as being dumb, fat and lazy. Such as animated American sitcoms like The Simpson’s and Family guy. When we see these shows we continue to watch them and laugh while doing so we fail to notice these shows use sexism that’s aimed towards men. When we find shows that are sexist toward women we usually get upset or offended but when shows are sexist towards men most of the time we don’t even notice them. I believe we notice sexism when it’s aimed towards women because we have people that stand up for women’s rights opening our eyes to this type negative behavior. On the other hand men’s rights are not a focus in our society at this point of time. So we unintentionally ignore the negative behavior aimed towards men.

In the article “Tolerance in the news” the author Michael Abernathy, provides his readers a list of sexist comments about men found in both commercials and television shows. He talks about how television shows create negative stereotypes of men and the effect it has on young men. He goes on to mention a statistic provided by "Gender Issues in Advertising Language," that states “Young men learn that they are expected to screw up, that women will have the brains to their brawn, and that childcare is over their heads.” Clearly the author believes that by watching these commercials and television ads young men receive a negative perception of the male role. I agree with him because as young people we intake much of what we see and apply it to our lives. For an example my boyfriend was mislead by these sexist television shows thinking “I can’t take care of babies I’m a guy.” When in fact he’s a great father that is often giving me advice on how to care for babies. This goes to show that just like women men are also affected by sexism and it should be considered wrong towards both genders.

In the article “Cultural Insensitivity to Sexist Language Toward Men” the authors did a study on the use of sexist language towards both men and women. They presented 60 undergraduates with the question “How many of you have followed through with those New Year's resolutions: Started that diet, gotten rid of your (boyfriend/girlfriend/dating partner), and begun your exercise program?" They then stated “The results of this study show that subjects were not sensitive to sexism in language toward men but that they were sensitive to sexist language toward women” The statement “gotten rid of your girlfriend”, was considered sexist. While the Statement “gotten rid of you boyfriend” wasn’t. This study shows that we notice things that are sexist towards women but fail to recognize when things are sexist towards men.

As you can see sexism effect both genders and we can see this by watching our favorite television shows. We need to be aware of sexism and the effects it has on both men and women. Is not that people approve of male sexism it’s just they unaware that there even seeing it. As we stand against it and inform people of the problem they will begin to notice this negative behavior in our society and changes will begin to be made.

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    I noticed a couple of things if this is supposed to be in MLA format.

    1. When quoting using an author's name and source title always put the authors name somewhere before the title of the source. Also there is no need to put the title of the source in quotations, instead you must underline the source. I would provide an example but I can't underline the text using Yahoo Answers.

    2. In the paragraph before your closing statement you use the source title (Cultural Insensitivity to Sexist Language Toward Men), but there is no author's name. in front of the source title and the source title itself is not underlined.

    If you have access to a writting center in your school I would suggest you pay them a visit. They won't write the paper for you be they will make suggestions to make it better.

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