Is This a Crash and Burn?

I have known this guy for a long time but we just actually started talking a few months ago via face book. We hung out for the first time a week and 2 days ago to be exact and now he is my boyfriend! I am head over heels for this guy and he is absolutely amazing. I miss him all the time and he feels the same..

BUT! In a week?! Should I wait for it to crash and burn or do you think this could lead to something more? Its already amazing but one of those things that seems to good to be true..

Reassurance on any side? Anyone?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    give yourself time. It's the only way to know!

    get to know his personality thoroughly

    and when you know his shortcomings and love him despite it, then you know this is the real thing...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its hard to tell so early on. But you can judge yourself by what you love about him. Is it his outer beauty and money and lust or is it his personality that just struck you.

    Time will tell.

    Try looking past the external stuff and be a good judge

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    1 decade ago


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