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Which class Is good for PvE and which race?

Right now i have a level 9 human warlock. People say Mage is good for PvE or PvP because of high damage. And alot of people als osay that warlock is good for PvE or PvP because of curses and their minions. I want a mostly PvE character. Would that be a mage or a warlock? And which race out of Human or Gnome is good for PvE also?

Plz Help

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    all classes are good for both. so your gonna have to choose which one you like more.

    i have a lvl 80 mage and have been playing him since the release of the game. it is my favorite class and probably will be for a long time. they are very useful in PVE.

    Warlocks are great for leveling and are good at PVE as well. they don't add as much to a raid as a mage does, but they have good DPS.

    they are both good in PVP as well.

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    My daughter has a BE Warlock, level 71. She loves it. I don't care for warlocks because I like the Mage powers better (freeze and fire bolts)! I actually started the Warlock and gave it to her at lvl 15 or so.

    By the way - she's on a PvE server. She doesn't like PvPs. I have a 64 BE Hunter and 60 DK on the PvP server.

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    All classes is good for pve and pvp(there is just some differences in some classes).

    Thinking about a mage or lock i suppose you wanna dps?

    Then its basicly about what you like, look up the classes on the internet and think carefully what you wanna choose :) !.

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