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Why doesn't hamham poops smell?

I am just curious why hamster poopie doesn't smell, anyone have any idea?

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    Athena was semi-correct. Hamster feces do smell, but the surface area is so small that it doesn't emit enough of the odor to make it detectable to us. However since I have bred and raised hamsters for a while, occasionally to see how the hamster is digesting its food it is necessary to inspect their feces and urine. I wear a pair of latex gloves and take a pellet and mash it down, yes you have to smell it and if the hammie is healthy it shouldn't break apart but it shouldn't be slimy either. It should smell bitter, and have an olive green to dark brown color. As for their urine, a drop on a keto-stick tells me if I need to modify a diet for diabetes. Or if I need to cut back on some of the natural sugar they receive from their food.

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    Agreed... and tiny too. Its the size. It's small and im sure it smells, only our sniffers are bigger and not sensitive enough to always pick up the scent. Good thing!

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    It's small?

    Maybe it is it's size but i think it is because they can digest fibre and i don't suppose that smells much.

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    Because they only eat cereals and a little veg rather than meat and dairy and fat etc.

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    its does but its to small for ur nose to pick up

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    It's very dry, maybe that's why.

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    just be glad it doesnt.

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