Can violence ever be the answer?

We all grew up hearing it wasn't excusable.

I beg to differ. I expect many of you will answer something basic like "No, not unless in self-defence". That's certainly fine and valid, but let's dig deeper.

Let's use a hypothetical scenario: I'm a Jew with Holocaust survivors and victems in my family tree. I see a guy with a swastica, acting a fool yelling about 'Kike' this and that.

Can I ethically beat him up? What if it's only a little? Do the degrees of assault even make a moral difference.

I think the "never violence" idea was founded on the cowerdice and complacency of those who never had to struggle. At the same time, free speach and ideas are crucial and should be protected.

Where's the line?

I'd be really interested to hear those thoughts. Thanks guys.

(Well, I don't really care about ethics. I would take him down.)

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    You can't lawfully do anything except yell back at him (the cops have a legal monopoly on violence except in self-defense).  That's the First Amendment.

    However, if he's yelling outside your property or making personal threats to you, you can have him arrested for disturbing the peace, making threats or just noise complaints.

    Another problem with using violence is that it gives the punks an excuse to claim persecution.  However, if you can find out where they live, what they drive... I'm sure you can think of something to do that's troublesome (or expensive) but doesn't have any direct connection to their anti-semitic activities and makes their complaints look paranoid.

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    I grew up in the streets, and no violence is not the answer. Violence only creates more violence. When you beat someone, it doesn't end there. It goes on with there friends and their family. What do you actually accomplish by exerting your physical will on others? You only give them a reason to hate you and retaliate. I don't believe you should turn the other cheek, but I do think you should try to diffuse the situation or walk away. Otherwise knuckle up and get ready to live your life with hate, because I have never seen anybody beat someone down with love.

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    That's a tough question... but I'd have to say no for this particular instance...

    You might WANT to beat him up, hell I'd want to beat him up too, but that doesn't give you the right to. If everyone just attacked people every time they wanted to there wouldn't be very many people left.

    I know you expected this, but I think that only if they pose a threat (physically) to you, your family, or any "innocent" person would you be justified in using that kind of force.

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    1 decade ago

    You're too thin skinned. Blacks and others have had it a lot worse than jews. Let him have his fun. What goes around comes around.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think the only thing violence solves in anger.

    it doesn't help the situation, now, does it?

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