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Reasonably priced Tennis Clubs/Courts in Toronto, Ontario?

Playing Tennis in Toronto during the winter time looks to be very costly. I'm doing my research in order to become a member and/or see which courts are the most optimal in the area. I played at mayfair the other day but as a guest. I looked into it and they charge you all sorts of weird fees! $500 initiation, 80 monthly and 20+/hour of play!!!? something in those lines but it sounds excessive.

Where can I find an indoor court with a reasonable price in Toronto? I prefer to pay monthly since I'm not too sure I'll be still in the area in a couple of months from now. Thanks in advance

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    I found some options for you. To gauge how far away these options are,

    I used Google Maps to calculate the distance they are from the

    Strathcona Hotel, a hotel at 60 York Street in downtown Toronto close

    to the train station that I'm familiar with.

    Greenwin Tennis Club

    10 minutes from Strathcona


    $345 for a summer membership

    I have contacted them for further information about their exact membership rates.

    The best option seems to be:

    High Park Tennis Club

    10 minutes from Strathcona




    Full year membership April to March $65.00 (entitles participation in

    summer & winter program)


    Note that court fees are extra for winter programs.

    The High Park club contracts with the Ontario Racquet Club to use

    their facilities for the winter.


    Where: Ontario Racquet Club, 884 Southdown Rd. (southern extension of

    Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga, south of Royal Windsor Dr.; ORC is

    on west side of road) (map)

    Facilities: Hard Courts (17 in all!), great facilities, excellent

    fitness and racquet sport establishment.

    The ORC is a 120,000 square-foot fitness and racquet facility that

    features six international squash courts, seven indoor and five

    outdoor hard tennis courts and five outdoor clay courts. All outdoor

    courts are bubbled for the winter."

    Let me know if either of these work for you.

    Request for Question Clarification by bobbie7-ga on 30 Aug 2006 09:48 PDT

    Hello Salgrey,

    Another alternative that might interest you is the Eglinton Flats

    Winter Tennis Club

    Brand new in 2004/2005 - State of the art tennis bubble, covering six

    tennis courts

    Opaque bubble fabric, delivering superior lighting day and night

    Bookings by phone or online

    Very affordable fees, with a three year freeze on membership and court fees

    Membership Fees

    Full - Entitled to use of facility during all hours - $199.00

    Court Fees

    PRIME $20.00 per hour

    NON-PRIME $16.00 per hour

    EARLY BIRD $8.00 per hour

    Non-Members - $8.00 per person per hour plus court fees

    Club Location

    Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club

    3601 Eglinton Avenue West

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    From September 1 - April 30

    Tel: 416-767-3622

    Fax: 416-767-0012

    From May 1 - August 30

    Tel: 905-792-2961

    According to Windows Live Local, the Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club

    is located about 15 minutes from downtown Toronto.

    Start: Dundas Square

    End: 3601 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto ON, Canada

    Total distance: 7.5 mi

    Estimated time: 15 Minutes


    Would this option meet your needs?

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    Well, if you know what you are looking for you can use ebay. I have gotten some awesome racquets for a really good price there but I knew what I wanted- and I waited for it. If you want to go to a place where you can buy it right then.... online got to Holabird or TennisWarehouse. Both are good prices and reputable. Otherwise... a good pro shop at a club would be best because the pro can point you in the right direction. BUT it's more expensive. (Although, I did get my last racquet- a Wilson kfactor six one... for $30 less than anywhere else! AT my PRO SHOP! I was really surprised.) There are sporting goods stores that carry some decent racquets too. Sports Authority, ****'s Sporting Goods are both good. That's my suggestion for tonight!

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