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gift ideas for an elderly blind man?

my grandpa is in his 80s and has gone blind rather quickly in the last 2 years (macular degeneration). it's been a big change for him as well as my family and my dad is now living with him as his caregiver. he's still a very sharp guy but he's not engaged in anything other than day-to-day activities and listening to the radio. i would really like to find a nice puzzle or game for him, or something like an audiotape/CD. i don't think he's really into novels, but he was delighted when my dad downloaded some old radio recordings (from the 50s i think). any suggestions?

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    I think the old radio recordings are a great idea! You could make a date to listen to some of the them with him after the holidays.

    Here is a link to a website that sells recordings of old radio shows, and also links to some of my dad;s and a few of my own favorites. These were all done before I was born; but I've heard the recordings and they are fun. You also might want to ask your grandfather which radio shows he liked to listen to.

    Old Time Radio Show Catalog

    Will Rogers program

    Burns and Allen

    Jack Benny

    Red Skelton

    Duffy's Tavern

    The Saint, detective show, with Vincent Price

    The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

    Lone Ranger-serial, western

    Ray Bradbury-Science Fiction

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    Well, I was immediately going to suggest books on tape or CD until I read the part where you think he doesn't like novels.

    However, you can get radio plays on CD in the same way. And I'm talking fairly old stuff here, not some modern rubbish he wouldn't relate to.

    We have old Sherlock Holmes stories on CD that were originally recorded as plays....all I can say is it's not quite the same as a book recording, it has a different feel to it.

    You could consider a DAB radio....that way he's get access to stations from further afield than just the local FM and AM stuff.

    Maybe even a short wave can pick up stuff from the other side of the world with them under the conditions. You do have to get a decent one cheapies, it's a false economy.

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    I recently saw an add on TV about music back in the 50s It probably had 50 songs on CDs. To me that would be one of the greatest gifts ever. Also you can buy CDs with all kinds of stories on them. Just find out what kind of stories he likes.

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    Go to the library and you can check out CDs for free. THey have a huge variety and I'm sure you'll find some he likes. Give him a CD player As a gift and he can probably learn how to pause, stop.etc.

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    There should be a Center for the blind in your state.

    I have a friend who is blind - she doesn't live in the city where ours Center is located, but they do send audio recording for her to listen to.

    Check with them.

    I'm thinking when she is finished with them - all she has to do is drop them in the mail. I don't think she pays postage either.

    He would enjoy Ray Stevens CD.

    He is a singer - song writer. He wrote the "Streak" and many other songs.

    He also wrote "Everything is Beautiful" And arraigned "Misty" but many funny songs that I know your dear grandfather would love to listen to over and over.

    He is still doing tour. Check out his site.


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    book tapes..i had a client that received them in the mail for free free books or tapes for the blind...good luck

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    old vinyl record of his favorite singer, make sure he has a turntable first. a cd would suffice if he doesn't have an old turntable

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    I think taking him for a walk and then to a nice restaurant.

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    a Music box with a nostalgic tune. He ll never forget you.

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    There might be something here.

    Perhaps the BBC audiobook collection would come in handy.

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