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who's the nba's 5 best players right now?

for me it's 1.Chris Paul 2.Allen Iverson 3.Dwayne Wade 4.Ray Allen 5.Lebron James(even though i hate him) who do u think are the nba's best player right now?


i do not hate kobe he is in my top ten but not my top 5

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    1.LeBron James

    2.Dwayne Wade

    3.Dwight Howard

    4.Chris Paul

    5.Dirk Nowitzki

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    A lot of these answers are good, but some don't answer who the best are RIGHT NOW...

    My picks:

    1. Chris Paul- far and away my number 1 pick. he's an all around threat, he's the ideal franchise player, and he represents the future of the NBA. He's the best floor general in the NBA, he can dish the ball better than anyone else, he's got great ball control, and on top of that he's a scorer. It's always fun to watch him handle the ball.

    2. Lebron James- I'm not a huge fan of him either, but you have to respect his game. He isn't even 24 yet but he has already established himself as a premier scorer. He's also a decent rebounder and shows good instincts around the basket... he is a good passer when he wants to be too.

    3. Chris Bosh- the man has really turned it on the past 3 years. He can score like crazy, grab a ton of rebounds, he's a reliable free throw shooter, and he can even shoot the 3 at a decent percentage when he's forced to. People are often surprised to look at his stats and see how good they are.

    4. Kobe Bryant-Honestly, I hate the Lakers, so it hurts me to say this... but Kobe is a true great because not only is he a top individual talent, but he also makes those around him better. Even with all the focus on him, he still is a consistent scorer, and though his numbers aren't always as high as some, he always gets the job done.

    5. Dirk Nowitzki- he hasn't been getting as much attention this year as he has in the past (really, he hasn't since his meltdown in the playoffs two years ago vs. the Warriors) but he is an extremely gifted player. This year he's averaging nearly 24 points a game to go along with 8.8 rebounds/game. Also, he is shooting better than 91% from the stripe, so you know he can lock down close games.

    His career stats are very impressive- including a 47% 3 point clip- not many 7 footers can do that.

    DARK HORSE: Andris Biedrins- not a top 5, or even a top 10 right now, but I love this guy. He's averaging 15.6 points and 12.2 rebounds (2nd best in NBA) per game. at one point he had a 15 game double-double streak. and he has had some monster performances (16pts, 23rbs; 17pts, 19rbs, etc). He has cooled off the past few games, but last year he shot nearly 64% from the field... he's a guy you'll want to watch the next few years as he gets his game under him.

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  • Wow Kobe not in your top 5, your joking dude. But I won't be mean, its just your opinion.

    My opinion:

    1) Kobe Bryant (just the best basketball player in the world, what can I say)

    2) Lebron James (cannot stop him, putting up incredible numbers)

    3) Chris Paul (Quick, smart.. best PG in the game)

    4) Dwayne Wade (Wade is back and healthy, nothing to say)

    5) Chris Bosh (remember you said the players that are playing well right now. Bosh has been on fire lately, even though he struggled tonight.)

    Hope I helped.

    Those are the top 5 players right now, in my opinion.

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    1. CP3

    2. Lebron


    4. Dwight Howard

    5. Wade

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    Iverson and Ray Allen?






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    Chris Paul

    Kobe Bryant

    Kevin Garnett

    Tim Duncan

    Steve Nash (my personal favorite)

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    The only contest to Kobe in your list is LeBron retard!






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    its really hard to make a top 5 players of nba .. its so debatable..

    for me i think the top 5 were


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