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What right have Israel to turn back a Libyan ship carrying food aid to the Gaza Strip?

Is this just even more proof of Israels attempt to starve the Palestinians living there.The brutality of these Jews knows no bounds.


I never have been a supporter of Galloway and never will be. Perhaps you could try to answer my question

Update 2:

Boomeran. Who broke the last cease fire. Israel.and up until then no rockets were fired into Israel during this cease fire

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    Since when did Israel care about what's right or wrong? And why would it? So far Israel has been the only country in the world that can do whatever it wants with total immunity. The US stands besides her blocking every attempt by the international community to even say to Israel to stop the abuse.

    Even in the times when the US did let a few UN decisions to pass, Israel just ignored them, again with no repercussions. Israel never complied with UN Security Council resolutions to withdraw from the lands it occupied in 1967, or with resolutions to allow the refugees to return, or resolutions to stop building illegal settlements, or international court orders to stop building the apartheid wall around the West Bank. That is not counting the other atrocities they commit in Palestine and Lebanon with total US protection. They killed hundreds of Egyptian prisoners of war in 1967 war. If you are to list what Israel does that is not her right, you will have to write a book.

    The Zionists have broken the last seize fire they had with Hamas as they did break every single seize fire with the Arabs since 1947. It is never a question of "if" Israel breaks a seize fire; the question is "when". Whether Israel is in war with Hamas or not, there is no justification for punishing 1.5 million people by literally starving them and stopping all human supplies including medicine. Besides Israel has a legal obligation by international law to provide all the necessities of civilians under its occupation. Israel never formally withdrew from Gaza. Israel only redeployed its army around it to get its soldiers out of the line of fire of the Palestinian resistance.

    Gaza, is still under Israeli occupation. Israel still does not allow any country to send aid to Gaza. Whatever little aid arrives there, it gets there only if Israel permits it. This is a crime against humanity, and a violation of international law. Even for the little aid that passes through, Israel collects taxes and does not pass it to the Palestinians in Gaza.

    However, out of all this darkness, Israel will never defeat the mighty people of Gaza. I have never seen people in the world who can tolerate what they are tolerating. The people in the world should stand and salute such resilience. The Israelis would not tolerate a tenth of what the Gazans have endured. The Palestinians will win at the end, and the Zionists will lose. It is only a matter of time, and the Zionists know it.

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    The same 'right' the Palestinians have to shoot rockets and mortar shells into Israel. That is - "rights" have nothing to do with it.

    Israel and Gaza are, de facto, in a state of war.

    As part of it, Israel is enforcing a siege on Gaza, to pressure Hamas to stop launching rockets and mortar shells into Israel.

    Interestingly enough, Hamas prefers to smuggle astounding amounts of weapons, ammunition and explosives, over smuggling food and supplies to the Gazans.

    Israel has announced that it will re-open the supply passages if the Palestinians will cease fire for 48 hours.

    One would think that if Hamas cared for its people, it would comply with this demand.


    Hamas never kept the cease-fire, and kept launching rockets into Israel and preparing terror attacks against it.

    Evidently, when a bomb make gets killed, Palestinians first attack Israel, and only after admin that he was killed by his own bomb.

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    I can't really add much but to say what else is new? Israel is a rogue state, founded by socialist European atheists, and apparently can get away with war crimes other countries couldn't dream of, like this latest one you mention.

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    The Palestinians are living on Israeli land and they are trying to maintain a fight against Israel. Israel is defending itself.

    When the Palestinians have had enough of Hamas then the rocket attacks will stop and the food will flow again..

    However, Israel re-imposed a tight closure Nov. 5, to force Hamas to halt rocket fire on Israeli border communities. The closure has led to shortages of many basic goods.

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    Are you a George Galloway supporter Michael?

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    Because they can do it and do it with immunity. The International community turns a blind eye and supported Israeli policies without question.

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    Get rid of Hamas and the borders open wider, ships arrive with aid and everyone prospers... Hamas = tighter control and security from Isreal.

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