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How did Canada help in the Holocaust?

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    When you ask how Canada helped in the Holocaust, do you mean you are wondering how Canada helped to put a stop to the Holocaust or how Canada might have enabled it?

    Canada helped to put an end to the Holocaust by sending troops to Europe in World War II. They were particularly effective in the operations leading up to D-Day, which was an enormous turning point in the outcome of World War II. It is sometimes regarded as Hitler's Doomsday.

    Canada did surprisingly little to help future victims of the Holocaust or to oppose it while it was taking place. The prime minister of Canada at the time, William Lyon Mackenzie King, was known to be anti-Semitic. Like the United States, he did not allow refuge for the passengers of the ship the S.S. Louis, who were seeking refuge from the Holocaust. He only allowed a limited number of Jewish refugees into Canada during the time of the Holocaust and the time leading up to it. He supported the policy of appeasment with Germany prior to the onset of World War II. He had once met Adolf Hitler in person, and is documented as having been impressed with him.

    I am copying and pasting an excerpt from a document on the Internet which indicates a lot to be inferred about Mackenzie King's attitude towards Hitler and the Jews. As well, William Lyon Mackenzie King was a notorious weirdo who was involved with the occult and communicated with dead spirits with the help of a ouija board. The copied piece is to follow.

    Ethnic policies

    While Minister of Labour, King was appointed to investigate the causes of and claims for compensation resulting from the 1907 Asiatic Exclusion League riots in Vancouver's Chinatown and Japantown. One of the claims for damages came from Chinese opium manufacturers, which led King to investigate narcotics use in Vancouver. King became alarmed upon hearing that white women were also opium users, not just Chinese men, and he then initiated the process that led to the first legislation outlawing narcotics in Canada.[16] Categories: Wikipedia cleanup | Historical stubs ... Image:Millennium Gate. ... Japantown is a common name for official Japanese American or Japanese Canadian communities in big cities. ... For other uses, see Vancouver (disambiguation). ...

    Consistent with British appeasement King met with Adolf Hitler, and commented in his journal: "I believe the world will yet come to see a very great man - mystic in Hitler [...] who will rank some day with Joan of Arc among the deliverers of his people."[17] Under King's admistration the Canadian government was consistent with other governments, in limiting Jewish immigration in the face of the Holocaust in Nazi dominated areas of Europe. In June 1939 Canada along with Cuba, the United States, and Britain refused to allow the 900 Jewish refugees aboard the passenger ship M.S. St. Louis refuge [18] There was an outcry in the press, leading one historian to quip that King "had a weather vane where most people had a heart."[19] Hitler redirects here. ... For other uses, see Holocaust (disambiguation) and Shoah (disambiguation). ... Jewish refugees aboard the SS while the ship was docked in the port of Havana. ...

    Fifth term, Second World War

    King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime Minister Mackenzie King in Banff, Alberta, 1939

    King (back right) with (clockwise from King) Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor General Alexander Cambridge and Winston Churchill on the terrace of the citadel in Quebec, Canada during the Ottawa conference

    King (far right) together with (from left to right) Governor General Alexander Cambridge, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the Octagon Conference, Quebec City, September, 1944King realized the necessity of World War II before Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, and actually began mobilizing on 25 Aug 1939, with full mobilization on 1 September. Unlike World War I, however, when Canada was automatically at war as soon as Britain joined, King asserted Canadian autonomy by waiting until September 10, a full week after Britain's declaration, when a vote in the House of Commons took place, to support the government's decision to declare war. During this time Canada was able to acquire weapons from the United States. Upon declaring war Canada would not be able to purchase weapons from the US, under the US policy then in force of not arming belligerents. This issue soon became a moot point as the American embargo was revoked in November 1939. Image File history

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    Holocaust In Canada

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    Sounds very similar to the Alaska situation. The climate leads to many months on end of boredom and without work they lose hope. Back in the 1920s the US island of Puerto Rico was known as the poor house of the Caribbean. Operation boot strap was an effort through tax cuts and credits they brought in companies and jobs and now it is the shinning symbol of success. Maybe they need something like that.

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    They were a part of the Allies which jointly defeated the Nazis ending the holocaust.

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