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If the United Nations (UN) had more power could they prevent future atrocities and wars in the world?

When you give the UN more power could they prevent future bad things like war and stuff in the world. Why is the UN not successful right now? I am debating for that if the UN was given more power it wouldn't make a difference. Can I have some points for that. Remember a good answer will be rewarded!

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    The UN is not "successful" (although it certainly is successful in some things, and it's hard to say what the world would look like without it) mainly because the countries that make it up often refuse to cooperate. That means they either withhold their dues that the UN desperately needs to fund its projects (US and others, but since the US gives 22% of the UN budget it makes the biggest difference when it doesn't pay), the permanent 5 in the Security Council use their vetos when the rest of the world essentially agrees about the answer to a problem (US, China, Russia), or there is simply no agreement on how to deal with a problem. In other words, the problem is not with the UN itself but with the way the member states interact with each other and with the UN.

    If the UN was simply given more power such as the ability to form a standing army, for example, without revising the rules, it would make no difference because the problems I just mentioned would still exist. In short, that is how I would argue your point.

    But in reality, I disagree with what I think you're trying to say. If the member states were willing to do things like give up their vetoes or allow the UN to put sanctions on them if they didn't pay dues, then that would be a way of giving the UN more power that would make a difference.

    And don't forget that the UN certainly has been successful in a few cases. UN forums have been partially responsible for helping to create a global consensus on problems such as the environment and the need to fight HIV/AIDS. In reality, about 95% of the UN work is successful - it's just behind the scenes so you never see it. Some examples here are divvying up orbit space for countries to put up satellites or demarcating maritime borders -- where countries' territory ends in the water if they have a coast line --, working towards giving indigenous peoples of the world more rights, establishing universal laws for air and sea traffic, and even some peacekeeping missions such as in East Timor or Namibia. Before you get too down on the UN, look up what it does so you can start to appreciate its work a little more!

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    No this is naive thing to say. The UN is percieved as a peacemaker because of the liberal and rational foundations that make it up but in reality it is just an organisation of people who will always have the same capacity for barbarism no matter what. Another reason the UN is so high and mighty is because it is a body which is disconnected from the material struggles that nations and people go through so it can objectively stick to the rules that were made by these people. The UN has all the ideology and pomp but none of the responsibility that nationstates and people do.

    Also if attempted to manage conflict and difference to a certain ideal even a good one it would become a totalising power. This can be seen in nations were socialism is brough in from above and a potentially liberating idea becomes a dictatorship deciding on what people can and cant do. What is progressive and what is reactionary.

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    Depends on the Fact and or theory of it.Some parts of the theory is Fact. Some of it is added.Just like most religion.But this NWO theory has major fact to it.the media can do what it wants because the people that own media is 4 tops in America.Rockefeller is one/This man also owns the majority of the oil in the world.Owns chase banks.This family is worth over ten trillion dollars.He who controls the money controls the world. Paper currency is a fact.These people get wealth off of paper out of thin air,They don't work for it.They have the authority to make as much as they want at any time,WITHOUT people knowing.This to is a fact.the Dollar system is a farce,It is a economic slavery tactic,Dept=Money,Money=dept.This is also fact.Is our presidential elects controlled by them.Well you decide.Most of the elects that become power full in white house are backed by Elites.They stream in the media from all the money they have from these Elites.They make you think there is only 3 candidates when there are many.Have you ever Got a ton of money from someone and didn't have to pay it back in some way?Didn't think so.The best way to find facts is to look them up,like I said some parts of it are fictional,just someones opinion.But the idea of free trade and capitalism is about gone,Fact.Soon it will be a monopoly of Elite and no one will own homes or businesses again. Bailout scandal is also true,Bailout is intended to save failing businesses,BUT the bailout money that went to the Elite banks was not use to save anything but instead buy weaker bank companies.Basically the money is just going to these people,Bailout should not be the word it should be giving.As for the Religion thing,That was basically made up,I have not found one shred of proof on this matter,Just hear say really.No Fact what so ever.

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    The UN ITSELF should be given more power. Member states that have veto power (U.S., Russia, China, France, Britain) are the ones who make things hard. They never agree on anything due to history and rivalry.

    But, as many people have already said, the U.N. has done an amazing job when it comes to humanitarian aid. Without the U.N., places like war-torn Africa would never have the chance to see schools and hospitals built in areas that need it.

    But when it comes to war, that sort of thing lies in the hands of the member states, specifically the ones on the Security Council, which never really can comprimise. And if you allow it to have a standing army under command of the U.N. that is not subject to the Security Council's squables, that would still make things difficult and present it's own problems. Such as contribution of soldiers. Which ever country contributes the most soldiers (and of course money, but let's leave that out of the equation for the sake of the argument), has a HUGE influence on how, when, why, and where that army is used. And right now the member state that supplies the most troops to the U.N. is not actually the U.S. (we give them the most money), it's actually Brazil. I know, it's not China with their population. Go figure.

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    1 decade ago has plenty of power many times over if it thought unilateraly problem is too many spuperpowers on the SC have vetoed each others calls for action out of pride,historical antagonism and plain stupidity.

    Only the emrgence of more democracies especially in the 3rd world could prevent future atrocities.Autocracy breeds discontent and war.

    Having said that war is here to stay because ethnic prejudice, power struggles and competition for dwindling resources amid an ever increasing global population is a reality that is not about to change.

    Just , exploitation and an ever widening gulf between 'have mores' and 'have nots' are part and parcel of capitalism. People who think history does not repeat itself .....better think again

    Source(s): This century should be interesting
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    If the UN had anymore power, we'd have long since legalised gay marriage globally and all converted to islam. Fortunately, we're not one global entity just yet.

    The UN has done nothing for the world but try and rebuild Africa with our money and verbally condemn wars against bolshevism (see Kosovo's "independence" from Serbia)

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    Good Grief!!! The UN can hardly make a decision, and when it does it usually means nothing. By the time they react, things have escalated to the point of war or starvation. They are corrupt. The oil for food program proved that. No more power for the UN please!!

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    I say abolish the UN. We will not accept world government. Which is exactly what the UN is trying to be.

    We obey no global authority.

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    United Nations is run by the command of U.S... How do you think they would do better EVEN if given more powers?

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    That corrupt and incompetent bunch of idiots?

    They can't even run a simple food program, and you want to give them MORE power?!?!?!

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