Big Three Pay Scale . . . How do you see it?

There are three numbers floating around on the estimated hourly pay of unionized workers . . . one is about $28.00 per hour, one is about $47.00 one is $70.00 per hour . . .the first two numbers are actually the same number one is straight hourly (tax and insurance) while the worker is actually employed and the second is based off the first number plus legacy costs. The third number is off of the 2005 (or 2004) union contracts when the auto makers were still selling massive amounts of trucks and utility vehicles and generally speaking includes a greater number of fully vested employs (25 years or more) . . .

So, which do you think is the most accurate pay estimate . . .? How would you calculate hourly pay? I think a lot of the controversy stems from the technical calculation . . .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The higher wage is the cost of benefits added to the actual pay.

    People want to blame the UAW for the Big 3 problems. But they do not have a clue nor would they tolerate the work loads and conditions of factory line without the pay they get.

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