stronger : bullet or sword ?

with all kinds of guns and pistols and so on, how come there are still schools that still teach sword fighting ? which is stronger , a sword or a bullet ?

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    It depends on the way you're looking at it. Being shot with a bullet point blank is a lot more dangerous than anything a sword can do. On the other hand, a sword teaches actual technique and skill, as well as giving you an alternative if you even run out of bullets (think that scene in V for Vendetta)

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    The schools that still teach how to use a sword are preparing people to fight without weapons.

    To quote the Intelligence officer from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon:

    "Any bloody fool can shoot someone."

    But in reality, it depends on the metal. A Japanese Sword is actually stronger than a bullet, but the shock of holding the sword when it hits causes just as much damage.

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    Bullets are more long range and swords are more fast so they can put an opponent into a quick lock. But in theory swords can kill a man almost anywhere. Where as you can get shot by a bullet from a pistol in the arm and still live.

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    Anyone can aim and fire a gun, but it takes real precision to hold and master the art of the sword. Just ask yourself, in a duel, what happens when a gunman runs out of bullets against a swordsman?

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  • 1 decade ago

    They did that on Mythbusters already. Bullet won.

    Why do they still teach swordfighting? Because its beautiful, because people want to learn, because its fun, and because its an art form that shouldn't just die out.

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