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Why did the raptors fire Sam Mitchell?


Thats really true azn

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    Because we're 8-9, our team is loaded w/ talents like CB4, Calderon, defensive specialist JO and league elite shooters like Kapono and Parker. And yet our team is not winning like they should have been. W/ our roster we should be 5 or 6 games above .500. Personally, I dun like Sam coaching because he sometimes really tick me off. At times we're down by a few points and while other team is starting to make comeback, sam doesn't hesitate to call time-out to stop the opponent's flow rather continue to let the opposing team scores and scores their way back into the lead. Last nite's game vs. nuggets was terrible. JO came back last nite and still our team was beaten by 39 pts, we put up a good fight against the lakers, just how in the world we get killed by nuggets (lakers are better than nuggest) like that? Terrible! It's time for a change, not sure if Jay Triano will stay as head coach long term but Bryan the GOD prolly already planned steps ahead and may recruit an elite coach to coach the raps. I hope raptors can fire up and turn this thing around man....I'm tired of seeing raptors losing.

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    I guess it was because they haven't been playing up to their expectations lately. They were seen as an elite team with some of the brightest young stars in the east and a veteran JO, but they've been playing like a mediocre team.

    I think it really started after they blew their lead to Boston in the 4th quarter and lost that game. Poor coaching decisions, such as putting Kapono on Pierce during his spree, caused them to lose the game.

    To add even further tension, the Raptors lost a game to the Nets that they should have won and part of it had to do with poor coaching decisions. The way the game ended put a lot of negative attention on Mitchell.

    And I think last night's game where they got blown out by Denver basically sealed his fate. Calangelo didn't believe Mitchell was suited to run this new team with JO and so Jay is going to have to take over for a while.

    Honestly I thought it was just a slump that the Raptors were in and that they could break out of it, but after last nights game, even I questioned whether Sam was fit to lead the team. It's a shame though, I wanted him to lead the Raptors to a title.

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  • Bobbo
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    They wanted a Canadian to coach the team.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well it has to do with bosh,

    Hope i helped Peace!

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