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Words that describe me =]?

This whole thing is off my facebook profile. I don expect u to read it all, but its their so u can get an idea =] . So all i neeed are words to DEscribe me. Thanks in advance =D

I know, Some of these arent exactly actvities, but It's What i like and like doing =]

getting wet in the rain




making up stupid stories

Making up stupid names ;D

buying new cd's

My Family




My friends

Root Beer

Urban planet



being 12(sorta)

reading 'bout the Holocaust




Listening to Billy Talent

Meeting new people



living in Toronto

Watching Freds vids on youtube


I'll listen to Just about anything, but I listen to mostly Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, hardcore, and Techno. I also like abit of Hip-Hop, and rap(stuff like

Kanye West, Eminem, Hollywood undead, and T-pain).

But I love "goof" rap(it's what I like to call it) you know, stuff like Soulja boy that stuff just makes me L-O-L. AND INCASE U HAVEN'T NOTICED YET, I L-O-V-E BILLY TALENT WITH ALL MY HEART, AND ALL THE LOVE MY HEART CAN GIVE!

ilili.My fav musicians and bands are:.ilili



-kill hannah

-Enter Shikari

-The Word Alive

-May Day parade

-we are the ocean

-A shock and fear


-The word alve

-Escape the fate

-the academy is...




-All time low

-the all-american rejects

-Amber Pacific



-arman van helden


-automatic loveletter

-avenged sevenfold

-bedouin soundclash

-benny bennasi

-blink 182

-bowling for soup

-boys like girls

-breathe carolina

-bullet for my valentine

-cancer bats

-the chemical brothers


-bobra starship

-cute is what we aim for

-daft punk

-dave spoon

-eiffel 65

-faber drive

-fall out boy

-finger eleven

-foo fighters

-fort minor

-from first to last


-Good charlotte


-greeley estates


-gym class heroes

-Hawthorne Heights



-Hollywood undead


-jimmy eat world

-Justin timberlake xD

-Kanye west

-The killers


-lil' Wayne

-linkin park


-marianas trench

-Marilyn manson

-maroon 5

-the medic droid

-meg & dia

-metro station


-mindless self indulgence

-My chemical Romance

-eyes set to kill

-new kids on the block

-not by choice


-Panic! at the disco

-Papa roach


-Pezz(former Billy talent =D )

-Phantom planet

-Pierce the veil

-Plain white T's

-The polce


-The ramones

-Real mccoy

-The red jumpsuit aparatus

-relient K


-Rise against

-Salt n' pepper


-Shanks and Bigfoot

-Shiny Toy guns


-Simple Plain


-soft cell



-sum 41


-Three days grace

-Tokio hotel


-the trews


-The used

-Velvet revolver

-The vincent black shadow

-The vines

-Within Temptation


-Young love

- + 44



Hi, I'm April =o](AKA Billy) Well it's another about me..... I'm a nice enough person but can be a bit of a *****, never make a good first impression.I'm someone who you can always trust, so don't be scared to tell me your secrets or w/e . I trust ppl way TOO much, and I always end up trusting the ppl I shouldn't. I haven't found someone that I can trust, yet. So far the only ppl I can trust are the pplz on Yahoo answers, :l .Music is a big part in my life lol, don't know wat id do without it!! U'll never find me without my Ipod(except maybe school, too scared it'll get stolen or something XD ).Ummm....sports aren't really my thing. prolly because i suck at sports ;D i basically hate anything that I'm not good at. I'm weird,awkward and I'm always goofing around.My friends are everything to me, theres nothing better than a night in with loads of DVDs and pizza and my best buds.If your A Billy talent or Bless the fall fan I'll be your BFF! =] If you wanna talk to me, just come up, and ask me bout what sorta music I'm into, and what my fave bands are ;D. I don't believe in keeping false friends so if i don't like you I'll tell you. It's not like I'm doing it just to be a **** but unlike some people, i don't have time to ***** behind your back or just be a **** to you for the banter. OH! I was born on the rarest birthdate in the world! ;D If you want to write on my wall, then KOOLBEANS! and I'll get back in touch =o] If your gonna leave a rude/mean comment on my wall or send a rude/mean msg then Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it XD

Uhhh...If you wanna know more bout me, which you prolly don't, since I'm such a lame person, but if for some reason you do then Msg me or something' and ill answer :D

Also add me (you prolly don't, but again if you do want to for for some awkward reason) billytalentfan4lyf666@hot

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    carefree, enjoys music, making new friends and being a girl

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    Words That Describe Me

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