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Jeff Van Gundy, Flip Saunders, or Avery Johnson, who's suitable for the head coach position for the Raptors? ?

For Raptors fans or anyone, if Jay Triano is a temporary option, who's suitable for the head coach role for the Raptors?

I don't know in details about each of these coaches' style of coaching but we need a guy to toughen up the Raptors player and give them hard discipline and teach them about wut it takes to "win" more games.

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    Unfortineatly None of the above are going to be signed up this season. I watched a couple interviews with Brian Calengelo and he's sticking with JT this season and then he's going to decide what to do after. So, raptors fans, our coach is Jay triano we better get used to it. He's yet to coach a game for us this season so, might as well wait and see what happends, things could be much improved. But yeah for awhile i was excited to see Jeff Van Gundy or someone come in, but its just simply not happening. Jay's never steered us wrong, and the players all love him, Gotta have some faith.

    "Jay will remain coach on a interm basis, it is very unlikely for that to change before the end of this season, I have alot of faith and confidence in Jay and have instilled my trust in him"

    Source(s): Raptors TV phone conference.
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    Toronto needs to work on their defense, so get Jeff Van Gundy.

    Jef is also a veteran coach that has a record of 430-318 win-loss slate or a .575 winning average. Also, Jeff Van Gundy is an all-around excellent coach who believes that a strong defense is key for a team to reach the championship level... :D

    Hope this helps.

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    They're all good. I would love to see Avery Johnson coach the Raptors though..

  • Van Gundy

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  • KayGee is right. Our coach is Jay Triano for the rest of the season. We can't afford to hire a new one until this season is done.

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    I think Avery will be like more good to Toronto's coach to bosst up Calderon's performance and Jermaine ONeal's consistency at inside.

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    JVG!!! Transformed the Rockets. He managed to take a roster full of scrubs and change them into a 50 win team.

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    Flip he's a great offensive player.

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    none of the above, larry brown would be the idle coach.

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    Every One is good

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