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Why fire Mitchell? Why not get rid of the bad players?

Why in the world did the Raptors fire Mitchell? Why not get rid of the lazy players? What is next for Toronto?Will they fire Bosh?

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    It's called the Coach of the Year Jinx. In the past 8 years, 4-5 coaches that won the award got the ax within the next 2 years. I don't understand why he was fired either. The players respond to him and adore him as a coach. I thought the raptors were a legit team but maybe there's something going on in the background that we don't know about. Maybe Mitchell and the owner or GM don't see eye-to-eye. Hopefully, he'll coach another team somewhere else. There will be some openings at the end of the season.

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    Its pretty obvious you and the guy that said JO is the real problem know absolutely nothing about the Raptors... Why don't you read the report before you ask a question like this.

    But ill let you know anyway.. Mitchell was fired because the offense became old and stagnent and the defense became predictable and weak, teams knew how to score easily and fast. JO was not the problem.. not even close.. He's playing great and is averaging near a double double.. How is that a problem? Basically the Raptors are underachieving and they needed a spark to fix that, unfortineatly that spark was firing Sam. It was a tough decision that needed to happen. Jay Triano is very underated and is going to do a good job.

    Why not get rid of bad players? Like who.. the only players of any value are Anthony parker and Jason Kapono everyone else is either unvaluable or not going to be traded (jose, Bosh, JO, Barn) Who are you refering to when you say bad players? Because the raptors don't have bad players they just are under achieving, their a great team that aren't doing performing to their fullest ability.


    Wow.. again it seems like none of you have never even watched a raptors game, "Bustani" hasn't just shot three's since his rookie year, Bargnani is having the best season of his short career and is leading the team in blocked shots as of late with nearly 3 a game..

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    Because its a Business decision they didn't want to wait until the end of the season to do it, and by the way you can't Fire Chris Bosh you don't Fire Players that's Insane.

    The Raptors will win some games but as many as we thought earlier, Stupid Move on the Raptors Management's Part.

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    when a team loses, the coach is the one who gets blamed and sacked. it's hard to get rid of the lazy, lousy players of the raptors. they also have very few tradeable guys, since their current roster is mostly crap except for bosh, calderon, o'neal and bargnani. i think the raps gave too much for JO. i think they should have kept rasho or roy hibbert. now the raptors have no depth, and with most of the international guys now playing in europe. at the start of the season we were great! but then jose got hurt, then JO. it's all CB4 now. bargnani has shown signs that he can be a good player but he has to do better. kapono is only good for the 3-point shootout at the allstar break and the raptors overpaid him. jamario moon is awful, and he keeps on shooting his disgusting 3pointer. i think what really put them in a slump was that heartbreaking defeat to the celtics at boston. i just hope that the team can now get together and bounce back with the new Canadian coach. they really have to win games, especially if they want to have chris bosh back.

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    TO answer your question

    1: I disagree on firing Sam mitchell but they did that for unknown reasons of there own and because they hate his glasses lol , there losing streak,and lastly the coaching obviously.

    2:I agree with you they should totally get rid of the lazy players they got. Only 7 of their players play decently but if you think about it Bosh is working his *** off and Bustnani is doing nothing buut shooting 3 pointer. why be a 7 footer and not get in the paint and work hard getting rebounds and blocks not playing a PG or SG position wow

    3: I disagree with you 300% why the hell will you get rid of Bosh like wtf . why not trade him for good players instead of firing him lool he is the only guy working his *** off man and watch his game he works both outside and inside

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    They cant fire Bosh they could take him out from the roster squad

    I wasn't happy all. I mean because he didnt coach Raptors vs the Lakers game and Denver game.

    I dont know

    We will see there future ahead.

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    You are correct. 2 years ago he was the NBA coach of the year. I guess he forget how to coach overnight. you cannot fire the players.

    the team does not have so bad a record that it warrants Mitchell to be fired.

    Give him a chance.

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    Why not?

    It's simply easier, and it kind of sends a message to the team that the owner is basically saying: "Shape up or ship out."

    The problem is firing Mitchell has basically meant that they are kissing goodbye their 2008 Basketball Season, but that's for a different question, isn't it?

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    why fired mitchell?

    it's normal buddy!

    you have J.O and bosh but you're suck!

    8-9? LOL!

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    I think JO is the real problem.

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