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Can Someone Please Explain To Me The Political Geography of the United States?

Why is it that the -

* Northeast is known for its liberalism?

* South is known for its conservatism?

* Midwest, West, and Mountain States are known for it moderation?

I mean, even Republicans in the northeast are mostly "liberals", the Democrats in the south are mostly "conservatives," and Democrats and Republicans in the west/midwest/mountain states are mostly "moderates." What's up with that?

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    I think that one of the reasons that the Northeast is liberal is because there is lot of urban centers there and urban populations tend to be more liberal because of the diversity of ethnicities and social classes.

    The opposite would then be true of the South and rural populations.

    The midwest is a mix of both, lots of big cities (Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis) but a lot of rural farmland also.

    As for the second part I'm pretty sure that Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservative everywhere unless you are talking about before the turn of century when the parties were basically switched and all Democrats were conservative and Republicans liberal.

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