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Raptors fired Sam Mitchell, Who should they hire as their head coach? Could a legend be able to coach them?

here's what i was thinking, raptors, hire one of these guys as head coach,

Avery Johnson

Eddie Jordan

Flip Saunders

or one of these legends,

Magic Johnson

Bill Russell

Julius Erving

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    I would go with Saunders.

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    Well first they have to see if jay triano is a suitable coach before they start looking around. A coach that I think would make the team better is Flip Saunders. He could definitely improve their defensive schemes and give their team a boost or change in their mind set. Hiring a legend may be too risky at them moment.

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    I Would Like To See Dr J Coaching

    But I Guess No Legend Will Be

    My Answer is Flip Saunders

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  • They can't hire anyone right now, at least not a head coach. They don't have the cash. They might be able to afford a new assistant but until this season is over, Jay Triano is gonna be the coach whether it work out or not. It sucks, but the Raps couldn't even think about any of your choices right now.

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    there'll consistently be a niche for a coach of the year like Sam Mitchell. I wasn't partial to him while he gained the COY. i presumed he replaced into basically doing a sturdy interest. i'm rooting for Jerry Sloan to win COY in spite of everything those years. We would not understand the place he will finally end up yet one ingredient is for helpful, he will coach back in the NBA.

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