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Puzzle of the day - big three loans?

Canada is the USA's biggest trading partner for automotive products. Yet Congress is stipulating that none of the loan money should go to the Big Three's Canadian factories.

Should Canadians accept the fact that Canadian GM - FORD and CHRYSLER plants should be closed?

And should Canadians boycott their cars if they do close their Canadian Plants? Would that not make their business problems worse?

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    With Canada's dependence on the Big Three Canadian factories what you suggest would be a moot point. Without the factories and related support infrastructure we would have to buy Imports cars. No one would be able to afford big gas guzzlers anyway.

    But if the Yanks want to cut their best trading partner out of the deal, so be it. The off shore brands would be happy to build their factories in Canada. Toyota just opened a second new plant in Canada today. And the rest are banging at the door.

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    If i was a Canadian, i would probably boycott buying their cars. But its not like i will be buying a new car any time soon..

    However I do believe the BIG3 should be able to get the loan ONLY if they bring back all the jobs that they sent overseas. That will help decrease the unemployment rate and help out the economy some.

    But anyway, as said they are at rock bottom. The only lower they can get is if they shut down, so they must go up from here.

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    Maybe if the Canadians want to help the big three with those factories they would offer them a loan. This is not the US governments problem that would be the Canadians problem. And yes Canadians boycotting the big threes cars would make the problem much worse.

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    I would say for a last resort restructure...get your plants and business back on home soil, cut your losses, and start from scratch...too much outsourcing to other countries has cost jobs at home...not saying outsourcing is bad, but since the big 3 are at rock bottom, nowhere else to go but up from there.

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    Canada will come up with it's own bail out package, so that's why the Americans are doing that.

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