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Ramadan: Question about famous person...?


1) If harun yahya is of ahlus sunnah, then shud i as a follower of imam abu hanifa, allowed to believe in harun yahya's videos and messages?

2) there are no sects.

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    1. Harun Yahya `Aqeedah is different from that of Ahl-Sunnah-wal-Jama`ah.

    He believe pure Kufr concept such as Allaah is every where etc...


    2. Blind following of any one [ Imaams , Ulema , Muftis etc..except Prophet] is pure Haraam. If some one teaching go against Qur'aan and Sunnah , whether it is the teaching of Imaam Abu Haneefa , Imaam Maalik , Imaam Ibn Hanbal or Imaam Shafi etc.. , it should not be followed.


    3. The path of Islaam is one.Islaam has only one path , one direction.However people deviant from the True path.creating sects which has no relation to Islaam.


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    i think the video just information for us ,yes there are not secte

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