Israel palestinian territory?

who are the squatter? Israel or palestinian?

why the conflict between the two country are not finished?

is it true that all product of Israel are confiscated " EMBARGO "

when you enter muslim country. like Egypt.

why the arab hate Israel?

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    Why? It's simple. In a nutshell, Israel stole Palestinian land and does not want to return it. Everything Israel did since the start of the peace negotiations in 1993 has been anti-peace. The only peace Israel wants is one where they get all of Palestine, but without the Palestinians.

    I noticed from the answers how little people know about the conflict (la citrouille is an exception). Please read my answer below for brief historical background.;_ylt=AlOXM...

    By the way Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel and there is no embargo there.

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    1 decade ago

    Israel was acquired two ways. The first by purchase from the prior residents, and the second by a war of independence. Especially during its early years, Israel received very little economic aid from anyone, and had to cobble together an army based on thrown away and second-hand equipment.

    The Muslim world had a vision of itself as the eventual inheritors of the entire earth. Even today, some Muslims still talk about recapturing Spain for the Muslims. This is why the presence of a rich, thriving, democratic Jewish state where previously there was a partially-abandoned tail end of the Ottoman Empire is so galling. And to make matters worse, every time the armies of the Arab states tried to attack Israel, they were severely bloodied.

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    i'm not quite sure what your asking. But it is true many arab countries with the exception of Turkey have bad feelings toward Israel in large part to i'ts friendship with the USA and the 6 day pounding of 6 muslim countries in 1967.

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    The Israel soldiers protect their kids. The palestinian Soldiers have their kids in front of them for protection. That makes the palestinians wrong on all counts.

    Never mind that palestinian is a made up term.

    I'm glad to see that there is plenty of support for the terrorists, from the leberals.

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    1 decade ago

    Israel was established on 55% of the Pelestine

    Today, Israel stands on 75%, because of settlements, war and occupation

    Let Israel give back the land to their owner, let the settlements be dismantled, let the water ressources be equally shared

    let the wall of shame be destroyed

  • 4 years ago

    it is complicated to respond to the question. they are technically seen occupied territory. they at the instant are not seen a distant places us of a (considering that they have not got any vote interior the UN). Edit: to respond to the Taiwan bit, Taiwan isn't formally referred to as a distant places us of a. that's does have some administration over it is government and numerous different worldwide places have unofficial family with Taiwan.

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