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puking while having a bowel movement?

This is not a pretty topic, but I'm worried. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or what they think the problem could be.

For the last couple of months, I've been vomiting while having a bowel movement. I don't vomit every single time, but maybe every third time. It doesn't seem to matter if my stomach is full or empty, I'll keep vomiting until it's all gone. I'm not straining myself or putting undo stress upon myself while going and I really don't understand why this is suddenly happening.

I can't stop it, I've tried breathing exercises when I feel nauseous, but my mouth will fill with buckets of saliva and when I need to spit it out the contents of my stomach comes with it. When I try to swallow it back, it makes me choke and gag and alas I commence vomiting.

I ignored it saying to myself that it was just that one time or those two times, but it's been happening frequently now.

I do have a doctor's appointment about it, but I'm not really sure what he could possibly do about it or how he will diagnose it.

I'd appreciate any helpful info.

It does usually occur in the mornings, but I've been able to rule out pregnancy. I have not introduced any new foods to my diet nor have I started any medication or birth control.


I got back from my honey moon three weeks ago, and I drank nothing but bottled and filtered water there with no change what so ever.

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    You may have an ulcer. I used to work in the health care field, and having an ulcer can produce the symptoms you are having.

    Fortunately, ulcers do heal with the proper diet and stress reduction, so your doctor will be able to help you get on the mend and feeling better.

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    Could be bad water. Perhaps a filtration system, or purchasing bottled water might help. Do you experience similar symptoms in another city?

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    the smartass (and unfortunately true) the only time I experienced such an event was after a week long cocaine and vodka run.

    Please do not ignore it. The doctor will be able to do something, so please try to relax until you seem him/her. Good luck. Peace

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