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Okay so I am writting a novel and I need help with a name, see i had one that I have been calling her but now I dont like it so i need a new one that goes with her look. But I really havent decided how i want her to look so anyone has any suggestions that would be nice you could say a name and what you think that person would look like, if you want to know her personality she is kinda bitter her parents are both dead and she lives with her sister. help would be appricated.




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    Ok Now if you select my idea do I get any credit and whats that word for recieving money when you input on an idea and it makes billions? Anyway her name should be Dahlia or Donna or Erika. Considering she is bitter those names come off pretty dark and gloomy. She would be pale and skinny. Black hair. Goth looking but not goth. Someone who appears to have been secluded, away from it all. Doesn't care for much so she pushes herself away and doesnt care much for her looks.

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    I have no idea why I thought that name would work. Here is my opinion-if it fits with the story you could name her something bold and unique- something like Ivy would make me think her parents had a special bond and the name reminded them of something or somewhere. If that doesn't fit in with the story I would find a much more traditional name that doesn't sound "cherrleadish" if you get my drift. Maybe Tabitha? Also depends on the time period and her age.

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    Winnifred Beryl Lorenzo

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    Carrie, Jamie, Violet, Jean, Lucy

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    The name Eve popped into my mind. It makes me think of a bitter person. Someone with dark brown or black hair. I also think the name Michelle fits.

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    She wears a denim blue jacket over a red shirt with a Jade A necklace. and ahe wears jeans with star embroidery, her name... Alisyn Reed

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    She could have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. You could name her Ann Leslie or Lauren.


    She could have dark DARK brown hair and deep blue eyes. You could name her Veronica Jade Taylor and her nickname could be Ronnie.


    She could have jet black hair and almost black looking eyes and you could name her Taylia Terrell.

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    Raven or Mystique

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