What do you think of this poem...cute in a wierd type of way?

I just wrote this out of boredom....its not really a love poem its more like a funny type thing...i thought it was cute and i want opinions lol so give me ur ideas

I may not.

I may not be the prettiest girl

But I’d promise to invite you into my world

I may not have the flyest clothes

And I may not listen to beyonce Knowles

But will you promise to kiss me on my nose?

I may not have the clearest skin

But i beg you to focus on what’s within.

I may not have the smallest hands

But I’d invite you to with me to other lands

If you buy me flowers, I may let them die

But I promise our love I wouldn’t deny

I may not have the smallest feet

But when you’re away I’d always keep the house neat

I may want a baby a little too much

But when it gets here I’d promise not to fuss

At times I may shop a little too much

But I promise, i know what is important and such

I may not lie still at night as I sleep

And my body may shake at times when I weep

But we’ll savor the joy that I’ll forever keep

I may be cleaning all the time

And if it gets on your nerves just give me a sign

I may be a little stinky when at home all day

But I promise to wash if you’d love me anyway

I may behave like I have a heart of steel

And it may bother you that I’m obsessed with seal

But I promise, his music is good

And I’d introduce you to him if I could

And I may not care too much about certain things

But I’m always concerned about what life will bring

And the world could possibly end today

But I’d be really hurt if you didn’t hear me say

All the things unsaid that I’ve been hiding away

And I may not have a favorite colour

And I hate cream cheese but I love me some butter

and I make promises that I plan to break

and I may smoke weed for my sanity’s sake

And it may be weird that I have so many tattoos

And they may say that when in love, people are just fools.

But I promise you that we’d be cool.

And If u promise not to buy me any unnecessary jewels

I promise you, that we’d be cool.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it seems to drag on, but it's really good, yeah. It sort of changes personality at the very end. The begining sounds like you want to go way together to a happy place, and the end sounds like you want him to excuse your flaws, but its real good either way

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    poem is ok, yes cute, but sounds a bit needy

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