What are the names of 7 devil princes who visited Faust?

Astaroth is always mentioned as "one of the 7 devil princes who visited Faust". Can someone tell me who are the other 6 devils?

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    Méphistophélès and Astaroth

    Other demon princes and their relations with Méphistophélès:

    Allied: Baal, Kronos, Nybbas, Valefor

    Associated: Asmodeus, Haagenti

    Hostile: Kobal

    Enemy: Saminga (views Méphistophélès as being of less worth than Astaroth)

    Other supernaturals involved:


    Balseraphs of the Deal know fine print like nobody else, and have "borrowed" some ideas from the Lilim. With a successful Resonance check, they may inflict an additional Geas (of a level equal to the check digit) upon anyone who signs their Contracts. If the Resonance fails, however, the wording is wrong and the Balseraph owes the signers an additional Geas equal to the check digit. Malakim and Seraphim cannot be tricked in this manner; not only will they see the trickery in the contract, but if they did not know the nature of the Balseraph, they immediately figure it out. Consequently, the Balseraphs tend to be cautious with this Attunement.


    Often employed as advanced "familiars" on earthly missions, each Djinn is attuned to a Servant of a level equal to their Celestial Forces. Though this attunement does not count towards the total number a Djinn must possess, a Djinn must ALWAYS protect his Servant or else gain Discord instead of Dissonance for their harm.


    Alone among the Dealers, Calabim can break their word in a Contract freely on a successful Resonance check. If they choose to do so, the terms of the Contract are void (the contract burns up). This may not be done after a side fulfills their part of the bargain.


    The Habbalah of the Deal are often looked towards as Hell's mediators; they will ensure that everyone is maligned equally. At character generation, they may purchase any Habbalite attunement of another Demon Prince (excepting Saminga) at +5 character points, or a general attunement at +5 character points. If, in the course of the Habbalite's travels, a Demon Prince bestows additional attunements, Mephistopheles will not feel slighted as long as no betrayal seems imminent.


    The Lilim of the Deal are extraordinarily tricky. When inflicting a Geas upon themselves as part of any deal (not just a Contract), the Geas level is one lower than normal. Geasa that would be level 1 are still level 1, however. Few Lilim are allowed into Mephistopheles' ranks; the Prince of the Deal's trade is in enslavement, and Lilith almost never creates her children for Mephistopheles.


    Shedim may freely possess anyone who has willingly signed a Contract with the Shedim. He need not fight the host for control, nor must he further corrupt the host.


    Impudites are often sent to Earth as advance agents in deals, and Mephistopheles makes sure they're nigh undetectable. Impudites pay half the cost for any Roles they possess.

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