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What country is bigger Ranada or Russia?

i want to no what is bigger for geography and in school people say canada is bigger other people say russia is bigger i think canada is bigger because i live in canada but im not really shure.Can u please help me :[

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    Russia is larger than Canada by every definition.

    Land Area

    #1 Russia:16,995,800 sq km

    #2 China:9,326,410 sq km

    Total Area

    #1 Russia:17,075,200 sq km

    #2 Canada:9,984,670 sq km


    #7 Russia:143,113,600

    #36 Canada:32,299,000

    Oh, sorry, here's one: Water area! Not even close!

    #1 Canada: 891,163 sq km

    #8 Russia: 79,400 sq km

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    Rank Country Area (square kilometers)

    1 Russia 17,075,400

    2 Canada 9,976,140

    3 United States 9,629,091

    4 China 9,596,960

    5 Brazil 8,511,965

    6 Australia 7,686,850

    7 India 3,287,590

    8 Argentina 2,776,890

    9 Kazakhstan 2,717,306

    10 Sudan 2,505,810

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    I think Cussia is bigger than Canada. I've never heard of Ranada, though, so I could be wrong. ;>

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    Oh my, its Russia, its bigger than any country in the world! its the biggest

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    Ranada of course. The mythical nation of Ranada is over 2 billion square miles in area

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    Canada has an area of 9,220,970 km^2

    Russia has 16,995,800 km^2

    Russia is significantly larger, and is also the largest country in the world. Canada is third after china.

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    Russia by many thousand square miles!

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