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Which is better for your lizard ?

Tap water or bottled heat pad or heat lamp?

Sand or paper towel toast or bagels THIS IS YOUR OPINION thanks

glass cage or plastic cage


Its a leopard gecko 2 years old female about 3-4 inches.

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    tap v bottled most cases I would say bottled, but sometimes there can be additives. However, tap water is usually fine for reptiles. Chlorine in the water isn't an issue for leopard geckos.

    Heat lamp v Heat mat/pad...........Heat mat is by far better for most lizards because it distributes heat more efficiently and creates a thermal gradient in the process. They can aslo be left on at night without disturbing the lizard's photperiod.

    Sand v Paper towel............paper towel is more sanitary, cheaper, and less risk of impaction.

    Glass v Plastic........plastic, of course it depends on the type of plastic. Plastic is easier to clean and doesn't show streaks very much. Plastic is also a lot lighter allowing for lifting larger tanks. Acrylic is also able to withstand higher impact fore than glass.

    toast v bagels...............for me....both good, but I'm gonna say toast. For leopard geckos, crickets.

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    I think it really depends on the type of lizard

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    neather meal worms work good


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