The next Iraqi free fall . . .?

Kurdistan ( a cultural region within Iraq) has imported no less than three shipments of various "arms" from Bulgaria . . . What's interesting is that neither the U.S. government nor the Iraqi government new of such shipments until after the delivery . . . Kurdistan is allowed (under the new Iraqi government) to make necessary arrangements for defense but they are not allowed to do so in a covert manner . . .

So . . . how probable is it that Kurdistan will remain under the umbrella of the Iraqi government once the U.S. leaves?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Look to the Kurds in Iran, who are not allowed to speak or read their language. Look to the Kurds in Syria, who, until recently, were being killed if they were discovered. And look to the Kurds in Turkey, who, despite living in the areas no Turk would live, are being attacked daily by the Turkish government as non-conforming rebels.

    Now, I'm not saying the Kurds are innocent in anything, but they are very much the Jews of the 21st century, a distinct culture living in other countries and being treated like dirt. They are Turks and Arab and Persian as well as ethnic Kurds. They are Muslim (and a few cristian). If given their own country it wouldn't be like Israel, a single religion or ethnicity. But a third of Iraq, a third of Turkey, a quarter of Syria and about 8% of Iran would be lost to those countries if an independent Kurdistan is formed. And it would be surrounded by people who hate them for leaving and for befriending the US.

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