Can i go en pointe? ?

I have done 2 years of ballet and i practice at home. I can stand on only my toes and not have the balls of my feet touching the ground. I need to be en pointe for at least a few seconds in a movie. Can you help or give me some excersises to make my feet and ankles stronger?


are there any excersises to make my feet and ankles stronger???

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    Ok well since your not in a pointe class then I suggest you go en pointe as little as possible. I fear that you will injure yourself practicing for the movie so practice with your pointe shoes on as little as possible but make sure you don't look bad in the movie. If you are in a pointe class and you teacher said that you are strong enough to go en pointe and has given you the permission and guidance than you can practice all you want. Here is a few exercises for strengthening your ankles. This one I prefer the most and is really simple. Here are the instructions:

    1. Stand at a barre and start with your feet in the parallel or 6th postion.

    2. Starting with your R foot press up to forced arch.

    3. Roll up so that your foot is pointing towards the ground but don't put any weight on it.

    4. Roll over the tops of your toes so that the top of your toes are on the floor. You can place some weight on it now but not to much, you don't want to over stretch the muscles in your foot and ankle.

    5. Roll back over so your foot is now pointing towards the ground again and take all of your weight off of your R foot.

    6. Press back down to forced arch and then flat.

    7. Repeat with the left foot.

    8. After repeating it with your L foot demi plie

    9. While still in the plie roll up to releve

    10. While still on releve straighten out your legs

    11. Roll back down to flat and reverse by eleveing, demi plie while still on eleve, roll your feet down to flat, and straighten out your legs.

    12. Repeat in first, second, fourth, and fifth positions. Make sure when in fourth and fifth that you repeat it with both L and R feet in front.

    This is an exercise that will help alot. You can do it in ballet slippers. You can also do releves, eleves, eshappes, and pad bu res. Have fun with your movie!!!!!!! (sorry for the spelling)

    Source(s): Dancer 10 years
  • This would be best advised by a teacher.

    You need to make sure you have strength, balance, and can old through when you go en pointe!

    never teach yourself pointe- this can be very dangerous and can cause damage to the feet if done without an instructers help!

    For us, its 3 years of ballet, then pre-pointe...

    Source(s): 5 years dancing ballet.
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    an excerise to work your ankles is

    doing eleves'

    im sure you have learned them but if you

    have not here is a step by step

    how to do an eleve:

    1.begin in first position (keep your knees locked)

    2.then rise to the ball of your toes

    (continue keeping your knees locked)

    3.and back down to a flat first postion.

    (still have them locked.)

    *you never bend your knees ever in an eleve.

    this will also hurt your calves but will make your ankles stronger.

    i hope this helps. goodluck with your movie:))!

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    i'd desire to stand (stability) on pointe in retire bare-footed when I danced. maximum dancers can try this. status en pointe on the two feet in any place became a breeze. The shoe facilitates, however the foot does the artwork. i think of it has lots to do with the organic shape of my feet and that my toe length became acceptable for dancing on pointe. in any different case, i became in simple terms very solid. FYI, it incredibly isn't any longer very solid on your feet. it incredibly is in hassle-free terms a social gathering gag!

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    yes i can but its not good to stand on your tippy toes! That will only make them weeker! I would be releves! like 100 on each foot. When one is in coupe' in the back. One foot releves. also you need a dance teacher to tell you to be on pointe so i would ask your dance teacher. GOod luck and do a ton of releves! They really do help!

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    it depends on what level you're taking. if you have done two years of advanced ballet to prepare you for pointe you should be fine.

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