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Basketball (PF) What shoes should i buy?

i play power forward,, about 6 foot

im in junior high

i am looking for a shoe that fits me best

and is look in for range 90$+

Adidas or Nike,,, i think they have the best shoes

i need comforting shoes with traction*

good cushioning

high ankle

light weight

shoes that would just fit me...

i live in canada,, which means i won't be able to get shoes from elsewhere and live in pei

which has limited source of basketball shoes

it would be great if you could also send me the site the shoe is selling,

and why it is the best.

* Even though that i am a PF i run around a lot,

i need fast reacting shoes, comfortable yet

not that heavy...

PS. Size 11 1/2

XD thanks

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    Just go to the store and look at the shoes. Try Foot Locker.

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