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Did Canada play a significant role in WWII?

I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

Apparently both sides are do-able, however, I dunno which side is stronger

I was wishing to say yes,

Cud you like please help me with this... Im writing an essay for history and I desperately need help...

Any info would be greatly appreciated

and beside points would be given to the best answers

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    Canada's contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany was disproportionate to the size of the nation. At the outbreak of World War 2 the population was just over 11 million people. by 1945 over one million Canadians served in the armed forces. Canadians were involved in every major campaign of the European theatre as well as providing smaller numbers of forces to the Pacific theatre. Although Canada's efforts were often overshadowed by the Americans and unfortunately Canadians were often 'lumped in' as being considered to be part of the British effort. The link below is a marvellous website detailing the Canadian efforts both at home and abroad during World War two and should give you all the background you will need for your essay..

    Just on a personal note, when you open the website below, across the top of the page you will see a photograph of a body of Canadian soldiers. There will be two men in the lead followed by the main body several paces behind. The first time I opened this website and saw that photo, a chill ran through my body. the lead soldier in the main body was my father. My dad had that photograph and I can recall as a child my dad pointing himself out to me. To this day I still have that photo even though my father died over 20 years ago.

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    Canada did play a significant role during World War II

    1) They provided food, supplies, and men in for the Allies (as part of the British Empire)

    2) Because Canada entered the war 2 years before the US, many American pilots joined the Canadian Air Corps, which helped win the Battle of Britain

    3) Sheltered members of the Dutch Royal Family and Liberated Holland from German Occupation (which is why Ottawa is full of tulips in the spring)

    4) Took on of the beaches at Normandy (Juno)

    5) Provided the uranium used in the first atomic bombs

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    Canada technically didn't play a significant role during WWII, but they were one of the major power, right behind the U.S., Russia, and Britain.

    They Canadians were the ones that led the assault on Juno Beach during D-Day.


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