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FRENCH HELP!!!!!!!!! pleaseee help french speakers!?

can someone please translate this into french, WITHOUT an online translator,,,,,,,"we haven't spoken for 6 years"..."i have changed"

"I prefer your love over food, as i love you more than a piece of chocolate cake. But i can’t love you."

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    "Nous n'avons pas parlé pendant dix ans.

    J'ai changé(e).

    Je préfère(e) ton amour à nourriture, comme je t'aime plus d'un morceau de gâteau au chocolat.

    Mais je ne peux pas t'aimer."

    You need that (e) if it is a female speaker.

    Source(s): I study French :)
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    Nous ne nous sommes pas parlés depuis six ans.

    J'ai changé (stays invariable even if you're a girl, it's a verb in the "passé composé" tense)

    Je préfère ton amour à la nourriture, puisque je t'aime plus qu'un morceau de gâteau au chocolat. Malheureusement, je ne peux pas t'aimer.

    Be careful in the other translation, there is a confusion between 6 (six) and 10 (dix) years.

    Also, préfère is a verb in the present tense, therefore it stays the same wether it's a boy or a girl speaking.

    Source(s): Native French speaker, majoring in French literature
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  • 4 years ago

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