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Please I need Science Help... I'm faling :(?

I have a bunch of qestions and i left out some that i dont know the answer. If you know the answer can u tell me Please???? I'm doing soooooo bad. My science teacher is sooo bad

1. Name 1 source of energy and how it's used.

2. Name 1 use of thermal energy by the human, for their needs, and how they can control it.

3.Name 1 tool for thermal control energy and explains how it react to the changes of the temperature ?

A lil help 4 me:

What thermal energy??????????

Please Help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1)Nuclear energy.

    We use it to power up our cities,

    nuclear energy is used to heat up water that creates steam in turn this steam turns a turbine creat electricity ( just like your dynamo on your bike)

    2)to heat your house up

    geo thermal energy its heat taken from under the ground and that heat transferredred into your house

    GEOGoe thermal energy

    do sentent readuringing winter months,though above ground is cold underground iAlwaysays warmer.

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