if my computer doesn't have an SLI bridge can i buy one and put it in?

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    I would suggest that you contact the maker of your motherboard either by email or by phone. They may even send you one out for free or for the cost of shipping one to you. Even if they charged you for one I would think a sli bridge would not cost that much.

    SLI (and Crossfire for that matter) are relatively new pieces of technology. They came into existence either this year or late last year. The cost:benefit ratios aren't that good. Crossfire is supposedly better as it is said their newest cards are approaching the theoretical 2x processing capability.

    Apparently Sli bridges come with the motherboard and are not generally available separately. However another person at this website stated: you can find one at

    scan.co.uk or overclockers.co.uk (source:http://forums.multiplay.co.uk/showthread.php?t=539...

    You can also buy an sli bridge at ebay: go to:http://www.ncixus.com/products/14958/SLI-BRIDGE-AD...

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    Computers don't generally come with an SLI bridge you'd need to buy one, but first you'd need a video card and motherboard that supports SLI as well as enough watts to power both cards. Also both video cards must be the same.

    check source below

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    hi niko, sure but you will have to buy a network card which is your system but i think that in thie case rather than to spend the money i would highly recommend that you take your tower and software to a computer repairman and have him put in a new motherboard from radeon and while i was at it i would have him upgrade my ram to 4gb this will increase your performance and make you pc come to life. good luck hope i was helpful to you

    Source(s): your performance will increase by double but make sure he puts new ram in your computer sometimes they try to pull a fast one and sell you used ram
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