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Are most dog owners...........?

un-informed, or just lazy?

Is there a magic potion that stops shedding?

Is the a pill that will make my dog stop eating poop?

Is there a medication that will make my dog loose weight?

Is there something I can add to the food to calm down my hyper puppy?

Why do people look for pills, when all they need is to train their dog, brush their dog, pick up after their dog, etc.?

Is a pill EVER a substitution for training or exercise?

Are people just looking for the easy way out?


Add: Liz, are you feeling okay? This isn't about you - if you notice my answer to your question, you would realize I'm not against supplements. I'm against lazy people looking for the easy way out.

Update 2:

Add: Michael - Arsenic works, but it does have some nasty side effects... ;-)

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    As a dog "professional", I'm often asked for solutions to various problems. When I go into detail as to how to fix the problem, I get a constant stream of "yeah, but", nothing but reasons why the usual solution won't work in THEIR case. What they really want is for me to wave a magic wand and fix it.

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  • OMG, YES! People so often look for the easy way out! They seem to think a pill can substitute for exercise, training and general dog care. I particularly despise people who use shock collars on their dogs, purely because they can't be arsed to train their dog. A guy in the park has a collar on his boxer since it was 5 months. He got it because when he calls the dogs name, the dog "refuses" to come back. So he calls the name and then zaps the dog! I've explained to him over and over that a dog does not naturally know to return and he needs to train the dog with a recall. His response was "my dog should know when I want him to come back, he's just disobedient".

    I have nothing against the collars, if they are used in controlled circumstances and the person using them has been taught to use them properly. This guy also zaps his dog if he so much as LOOKS at another dog - creating an issue there on it's own!

    But yep, people are lazy and look for the easy way out of everything - a sad statement of society today in general. They fail to see the rewards of a well-trained dog and the satisfaction of putting in the effort yourself - they would rather "subdue" the problem than actually deal with it. Like the people who report for getting an answer to their stupid question because it's the truth and not the answer they were after - like a magic pill to solve their issue!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think people get dogs largely because it is the thing to do. After you have your house, white picket fence, and 2.5 kids, the only thing left to complete the picture is a dog.

    Dogs are considered easy pets because people think they can just feed them whatever crappy food the grocery store sells, take them to a vet (or not) only when needed, and put them outside when they don't want to play with them any more.

    This often leads to problems for the dog, not because the owners don't care, they just don't want to do the leg work. It's why they turn to Yahho! Answers rather then calling a vet. And it's way they dump the not-cute-not-a-puppy they never bothered to train at the shelter when it gets out of control.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think dog owners are both uninformed AND lazy. They clearly don't have the motivation to get up and learn a thing or two.

    When I had an aggressive dog (Caleb) come through rescue, I was told to put him on medication. His aggression had gotten progressively worse as time went on. One day, he lunged at my face. Since I couldn't trust him anymore, I decided to euthanize him. When my trainer asked me why I didn't medicate him, I responded that if he needed medication to be a happy dog, he wasn't a dog at all.

    Unfortunately, Caleb has suffered some level of abuse and neglect before he came to me. His knee had been kicked in, and he had been infected with heartworm. He was a sweet boy on the good days, but I couldn't ignore the bad ones. Since there are millions of dogs being euthanized, making the decisions to spend thousands of dollars on medication throughout his life would seem selfish.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Either one or a mixutre of both depending on the person.

    Tryin' Again hit the nail on the head with this one & I completely agree on both counts.

    It's one thing to ask a question on line to supplement your research, quite another to rely on it as your primary or ((shudder)) only source of information. The only way knowledge is going to get into your head is by undertaking research prior to getting a dog, to see if you be the handler that type of breed needs, if not look for another breed or don't get a dog.

    Too many people look for an easy option after they have either created or allowed a problem to develop or purchased a pup which is genetically flawed from a puppy mill.

    All too easy to hide behind the anonymity of YA & report a contributor because the person who posted the question didn't want to face the truth. If you don't want the truth, don't ask the question. Too many knowledgeable people have been unfairly reported and had their accounts suspended.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think questions like that were the main reason why i had to take some time off of the Dogs Category back when I used to be on it a ton [on my old account].

    It does puzzle me as well, and I think it's just a generic brand of American Laziness.

    We have pills for weight loss so we don't have to work out, so we want the same for our pets.

    We have medicine to keep our hair in and re-grow it, so we think there should be some for our dog.

    We have Ritalin, so we should feed it to our animals; of course.


    It's definitely mix between laziness and unintelligible thinking on their own part.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes some dog owners are just lazy and get the dog without knowledge of the breed or type. So when they bring it home and it grows to be 150 lbs they dump them in a shelter. When they bring it home and it turns their house into a fuzzball they get mad at the dog themself. so as it turns out there are products to keep your dog from eating poo, calm them down,and keep them from shedding. Sometimes in extreme cases, pills and product are a substitution, but only in those extremes. B/c dogs will stop eating their poo if you pick it up right after they do it and, if you feed them multiple times a day, with a little pineapple mixed in. Most people expect their dog to automatically be a perfect little angel. and thats wrond on their part and unfair to the dog

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  • 1 decade ago

    not only uniformed but many refuse to take their pet to the vet

    ask questions on here is my dog dying ?? only a vet can answer that question

    I have two dogs & have trained them both from day one hard work you bet ya... but so worth it

    do I take my dogs to the vet Yes no questions asked expense is nothing, compared to the health of my dogs

    It bothers to me to bits when I see lazy owners. why do they bother to get a pet in the first place?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very true they are looking for the easy way out in most cases. But in others there just uneducated first time dog owners so people should go easy on them cause they truly dont know. For the lazy people no need to go easy on them cause they should no better

    Then there are those that do know what there talking about, that just want second opinions on things so they come here for answers, but get bombarded by rude answers which i think is wrong.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, you nailed it - most people are uninformed and lazy.

    They get dogs and think they are like stuffed animals and they don't have to put in any effort at all. Then the poop, the pee and the damage shows up and they look for a miracle cure. When that doesn't happen, they get rid of their "out of control" dog, never looking within to see if it could possibly be their fault.

    And it's not solely an American trait. Let's can the American bashing shall we?

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