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Where can you get a cullen crest necklace or accessorie?

I think they are really cool i was wondering if you could buy them somewhere?In case your wondering the cullen crest is the necklace rings and bracelets that the cullen family wear in has a lion on it.

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    Favorite Answer I have all the jewelry except for Alices necklace because after its been worn a few times the edges of the ribbon start to curl up (its made of a cheap velvet material). All of the crests are made of pewter which is not a great metal for jewelery but it works you just have to be careful with them because they wear easy and can bend VERY easy - I hope this helps!

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    Cullen Crest Necklace

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    that's obtainable at borders, that's kindove high priced even with the undeniable fact that, you additionally could make one, all you like is ribbon, large glue, cullen crest, and velcro, my chum made one below $5.00 by skill of printing off a small photograph of the cullen crest, then she decrease the ribbon to her length and massive glued the crest on the final suited spot and she or he concealed the velcro below the crest so which you would be able to extremely placed it on and take it off.

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    hot topic, duhhh.

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