Books about feminism / woman empowering / feminist authors?

does any one have suggestions for feminist themed books? they can be self-help type books, fiction, or non-fiction. doesn't matter. i recently read the book "C*nt: A Declaration Of Independence" & i loved it...

any other great reads?

if it helps with any suggestions, i'm an 18 year old, bisexual female.

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    1 decade ago
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    The only fiction I can think of off the top of my head anything by Margaret Atwood, Sheri S. Tepper, Joanna Russ, or Octavia Butler.

    As far as non-fiction, I have loads and loads of feminist books. The things I've read include:

    - Anything by Dworkin, but I particularly liked "Pornography" and "Intercourse". Very theory-heavy books, but she really touches on the power dynamic of gender roles.

    - Susan Brownmiller's "Against Our Will". It's not exactly happy reading, but it does examine the sociological and legal implications of rape.

    - Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex". This is the book that basically sparked the second wave of feminism and where a lot of the radical feminists formed their theories. I highly highly recommend it.

    - Susan Faludi's "Backlash" that covers how and why American culture particularly has demonized and opposed feminism.

    - Naomi Wolf's "Beauty Myth" is truly timeless, and offers some great ideas for learning to love yourself for who you are instead of hating yourself for not looking like a model.

    - "Female Chauvinist Pigs" by Ariel Levy is a great look at how consumerism and porn culture have hijacked the message and meaning of feminism. It's very modern too.

    - Patricia Hill Collins's "Black Feminist Thought". Reading how race and gender intersect is vital to the future success of feminism and any civil rights movement.

    - Jack Holland's "Misogyny" is a good meta-look at the idea of misogyny as a historical and world-wide phenomenon.

    - "Palestinian Women of Gaza and the West Bank" by Suha Sabbagh is another book that is very pertinent politically and socially.

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    Nancy Friday's Women On Top. Its not really feminist, but it will leave you feeling empowered. Nancy tries to break through the pureness of female sexuality, and allows women to express their desires in somewhat raw and unflowery ways. Basically she allows them to talk about sex and fantasies the way guys do. Like I said its not really feminist in the strict sense, but it breaks through tradtional views of how women view their own fantasies, and they give insight into what they want.

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    1 decade ago

    Then you may like "Last Time I Wore a Dress"

    It's basically about a girl who is put into a hospital/rehab facility that required her to become "femme" and the guys in there to be masculie because her parents didn't approve of it...and its basically her story of how she rebelled there and "changed" the hospital sorta speak.

    Source(s): I actually read it when I was about 17-18, and it was kinda funny, cause the health counselor I was seeing then, was a lesbian, and she had asked how I been spending my time, and I told her I was reading alot more, and she asked what I was reading and turned out she was reading it too.
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