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How might consumer complaints or suggestions affect menu items offered by a restaurant for vegetarians?

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    Restaurants will always offer what sells. While they might offer a token menu to the fringes they seldom do.

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    Some of the major restaurant chains in the U.S. have zero vegeterian entrees on their menus -- or they have one and I'm already aware that it's not very good, overpriced, etc. Occasionally I have had to steer a group of family or friends away from such a place when I didn't feel like having a side salad for dinner or skipping the gathering. When something like that happens, I write a letter to the chain explaining that they lost several customers' business because they failed to accommodate the one vegetarian in the group. If enough people communicate this message, eventually the restaurant will change its offerings.

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    Consumer suggestions are VERY IMPORTANT to both the restaurants and diners, especially CONSTRUCTIVE ones … demand create supply ...

    As a Vegetarian, I feel that we SHOULD EDUCATE the eateries on VEGETARIANISM :), if not no one would do it for us (a minority group having special diet). Most restaurants do not really understand the term vegetarianism/veganism and we can help them to understand us better, what we can eat, what we like to eat etc via feedbacks.

    With a more vegetarian friendly society, it makes life so much easier for Veg*n (going veg*n for different reasons) and create a more harmony society.

    For me, I like to do this, if a non-vegetarian eateries/hotels provides delectable vegetarian dishes, I let them know (a form of encouragement). If I find that there can be more veg*n dishes on their menu or no veg*n dishes on the menu, I fill in a feedback and provides ome ideas on what veg*n dishes that vegetarian likes to see on the menu.

    It would be even better, if they have a Vegetarian Menu especially for vegetarian. I would not hesitate to let more Veg*n knows if a particular non-vegetarian eatery is veg*n-friendly via forum or word of mouths etc. This is a win-win situation for the eatery and veg*ns.

    For veg*n eateries, if a particular dish is real yummy, I love to let them know too. Sometimes, I would put some feedbacks via Vegetarian Forums, so more can access to the feedbacks, like I like more healthy cooked food with less oil, no MSG etc.

    Ok, whether the eateries take the feedbacks seriously or not, it is up to them. If they do, they will have more profits, or else, I would not go there again … very simple …

    Lastly, these veg*n friendly eateries, should advertise themselves via Veg*n forums/societies to let more Veg*n know ...

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    So hard to complain in a constructive way - at least I find it is. Therefore, I typically keep quiet in the average restaurant, and only ask more about the food in a veggie-friendly place.

    Also, I feel that's it good to use the veggie places because they are a minority and normally a small, non-corporate venture.

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    I'm a lifelong vegan and have no problem eating out all the time.

    Rather than saying "gee, golly, that's chicken and i don't eat chicken", order something else!

    It's seriously not hard to say "beans instead of meat" or "hold the cheese".

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