How do I know if I'm bisexual?

For about the past few months I've been wondering weather or not I'm bisexual or not. I know I'm not a lesbian, I've been crazy over guys since I was like four, haha xD Like I say all the time, "Oh, that's guys hot" and I use to have crushes on every single guy when I was little like, John Travolta, Leonardo Dicaprio and a lot moree, right now I'm in love with Chace Crawford, lol. I like some girl actresses too, but not like love. No one would ever think I was bisexual, believe me.

Anyways, I've been having these feeling about girls lately, but I'm not really sure what they mean. I think girls are pretty and sometimes I look at them, but most of the time I think I'm looking at them because I wished I looked like some of them. I sometimes get turned on by like girls making out and stuff, and this might sound gross but I've masturbated to them. Sooo, I don't know if I'm bisexual or not. Do you think I'm just bi-curious? I'm not even really sure what exactly bi-curious means, haha xD

I don't think I would ever like date a girl, I just think I'd feel weird and awkward, but I'd date a guy.

What do you think?


And please don't be like, "Ew" or stuff like that. I just need someone to help me.


Oh, and I'm 14.

Update 2:

Is it just something I'm going through?

Because I've never ever felt this way before, like never and I don't really want to like guys&girls =/

Just guys...

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    A bisexual person is someone who wants a physical relationship with both gender but not at the same time [obviously]. But a bi-curious person is someone who is curious about being with either gender whether it be a female or a male.

    From what I can tell, your a bi-curious girl leaning towards a bisexual label. But don't label yourself k? They are for soup cans. That is my number one rule in life.

    You like men since 4, wow..and now girls are coming into the picture and your wondering about is completely normal to be thinking of it - even I did when I was 14 and now I am 15, lol.

    I used to be straight like you - the same story apart from masturbation [my parents never told me about that] and I would have crushes on many guys, but then one day girls came into my head and I saw them in a different light. Then, a went out with a girl in a long distance and then, I was bisexual - dated another girl and became lesbian. I know it sounds weird to picture yourself with a girl, but trust me you do get used to it after time.

    It could be puberty and if it was, completely normal too - but sometime it may not be...

    Hope it was helpful. Message me if you want more info k? (:

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    I think you may be Bi - don't worry about. I have been asking myself the question of whether I am bi or straight. I'm 14 as well. I have found it easiest to except what I may be and not worry about it. If you have a really good friend you can trust, tell them I done this and it made me feel better.Go where your life takes you. Do a bit of experimenting. From what people have told me it's best to do what feels right - at the end of the day it's your life.

    Do what feels right.

    Hope this helps



    Feel free to message me

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    kiss a guy and a girl to see if you like the kiss to the girl as much as the guy

    im 14 and a guy

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    you are bi if you like boys and girls, and i think, you do. so it seems to me you are bisexual.

    it could be a stage but you might be just finding out you really do like girls.

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    you may just be curious...

    plus, i think it may be a normal phase, ALOT of girls i knew when i was 14 went through a bi phase. so don't worry, it's normal!

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    your just getting to know yourself be happy and enjoy it your going though a phase where your feelings are mixed if you were older i would tell you to experiment and enjoy your self but be safe .any way you have your whole life in front of you so just enjoy it!!!!

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    you sound bi-curious

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