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The Geological Society of America has issued a statement ?

saying that they accept anthropogenically-induced warming of the Earth, along with all of the other organizations listed below. Why do you continue to resist it so fervently? Let me know.

* 1.1 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007

* 1.2 InterAcademy Council

* 1.3 Joint science academies' statement 2008

* 1.4 Joint science academies’ statement 2007

* 1.5 Joint science academies’ statement 2005

* 1.6 Joint science academies’ statement 2001

* 1.7 International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences

* 1.8 European Academy of Sciences and Arts

* 1.9 Network of African Science Academies

* 1.10 National Research Council (US)

* 1.11 European Science Foundation

* 1.12 American Association for the Advancement of Science

* 1.13 Federation of American Scientists

* 1.14 World Meteorological Organization

* 1.15 American Meteorological Society

* 1.16 Royal Meteorological Society (UK)

* 1.17 Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

* 1.18 Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

* 1.19 Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

* 1.20 International Union for Quaternary Research

* 1.21 American Quaternary Association

* 1.22 Stratigraphy Commission of the Geological Society of London

* 1.23 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

* 1.24 International Union of Geological Sciences

* 1.25 European Geosciences Union

* 1.26 Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences

* 1.27 Geological Society of America

* 1.28 American Geophysical Union

* 1.29 American Astronomical Society

* 1.30 American Institute of Physics

* 1.31 American Physical Society

* 1.32 American Chemical Society

* 1.33 American Society for Microbiology

* 1.34 Institute of Biology (UK)

* 1.35 World Federation of Public Health Associations

* 1.36 American College of Preventive Medicine

* 1.37 American Public Health Association

* 1.38 American Medical Association

* 1.39 American Statistical Association

* 1.40 Engineers Australia (The Institution of Engineers Australia)

* 1.41 Water Environment Federation

* 1.42 Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

* 1.43 Federal Climate Change Science Program (US)


Do you really think

1. These people are stupid. Think again

2. These people are interested in anything other than the truth.

Update 2:

Hud: Your grammar tells me you must be smarter than all the folks listed above.

Update 3:

Dr. Jello: It says Global WARMING.

Update 4:

Northern Logger: It says "anthropogenic" warming, meaning man-made

Update 5:

Charles M: You are the one who is always citing some nebulous scientific research. Some few crazy quacks. These aren't pencil pushers. No way. Science is a tough world. That is the real thing.

Update 6:

Grandmac: If there are reputable scientific societies that do not accept global warming then lets see them. Maybe the "Society of Unrepeatable Results"

Update 7:

I win.

Update 8:

Northern Logger: Just telling it like it is.

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    Among scientific experts the debate as to the cause of global warming is over, because the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory.

    The people who continue to oppose AGW are either ignorant of the science or have ulterior motives. Many are simply in denial because they can't accept the reality that humans are causing significant environmental damage and we need to change the way we do things to fix the problem.

    They're afraid this will mean they can't drive gas guzzlers around anymore, that maybe there will be some sort of carbon tax and/or more government regulation. One natural reaction to fear is denial, and that's what we're seeing among a fairly small percentage of the population. And for some reason, many of them like to spend their time on YA.

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    Global warming is a scam. There are temperature fluctuations, but there is no proof that they are caused by man. The surface temperatures of Mercury and Venus are increasing at the same rate as that of Earth. Increased sunspot activity is the likely cause. As it stands "Global Warming" is just a scam to get "Carbon Taxes" passed. Think about it. Every living thing on our planet is carbon based. They do not care about the environment. If they did, they would not sell carbon credits, which are, in effect, a liscense to pollute(if Co2 was a pollutant, which it is not).

  • Ben O
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    The GSA has progressively softened their statement from humans are causing significant global warming to humans are having some effect on the climate.

    Some of those organisations have very non-committal statements, just pointing out that the IPCC has made some findings.

    I think that those organisations with a non-commital statements have a degree of scepticism among their members, but need to protect the academics in their membership as there is a well organised campaign among AGW proponents in academia to cut off funding for the "denialist industry".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why should I listen to the politicians and office managers who manage the offices when the field and lab scientists refuse to support it calling the concept impossible to document or prove because they have tried. Every time a scientist tries to validate AGW using raw data and scientific method the results fail to reach the IPCC conclusion.

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    right now the polar ice caps are thicker tahn they have been ever before global worming is a cycle of heat in cold even if we dident use gas and other things there would still be global warming if happenens the ways the dems say also they said that if it really is how it happens that we cn not reverse it so any way there is nothing we can do

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    Yet none of these groups can tell us if it will be warmer or colder in the future and show us how they came to that conclusion.

    "Global Warming" is still just a guess.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Way to go.

    I have said it before, that I think a lot of the people who are 'against' global warming or deny it are funded by industries that have a vested interest in fossil fuels or otherwise earth-unfriendly industries.

    I also find it curious that *so* many people suddenly become science freaks at this particular issue and *jump* in droves to deny that global warming exists on here... it would be interesting to find out who these people are employed by. Though it would be impossible to verify if they really are who they say they are~

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    Very impressive. But you can find just as many who do not believe there is global warming.

  • Anonymous
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    They can not prove the climate change is caused by man they assume it. If they want to accept it has truth that is their right and if I disagree with it that is my right.

    Dewey D, do you actually read our statements? Your rebuttals so far are not up to the standards I expected from you.

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