What did you think of the VGA awards last night ?

I thought they were pretty lame. They gave out what.....5 awards ? The rest of the time it was just lame lame lame video game trailers that would show almost ZERO game play. Like the God of War trailer......That was horrible !

Not to mention when NPH didnt know the winner for the best independant game award. Oh, and how that Bill Wright guy won that huge award........When HIDEO KOJIMA was there and got no recognition at all. The MGS series 0wnZ the friggin SIM series.

It just seemed really unorganized. Like the back to back world premiers.

I also hate how games like Fallout 3 get called RPG's.......while technically, yea i guess they are...but its not likely the first game that comes to mind when people think "Great RPG's".....Maybe because there are basically ZERO real rpg's being made anymore it seems.


Legion - Uggh...I forgot about that Tim Schaefer part.......I wanted to snap my own neck when was yelling that. I'm never watchin that crap fest again !

Update 2:

not to mention, after all that , Brutal Legend looked hella GAY

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    That award show has always been garbage from the very first to this one. Even the final presenter was full of her self. The angels were hotter..wait, the women who was in the commerical was fine.

    Almost every award was for something that didn't deserve to win or a game that came out last month.

    Brutal Legend look horrible and jack black is not funny anymore.

    The only funny thing was when the false video game god said that video game heaven heaven god is Asian. Lol

    Fallout 3- best rpg. Where is the japanese game.

    The trailers were garbage and stupid. Terminator.....are you serious?

    Shaun White's game....best sports game. Wtmonkey fudge.

    Best Wii game- a stupid gloo block game. Ahahahah.

    The musical performance sucked especially 50 Cent bag of hairy teabags.

    I want to boycott the next year award and tell them to learn from G4ophia before they let adam and morgan do it on X Play.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know how anyone could not be scarred for life after watching the VGA.

    It was disturbing watching Jack Black having intercourse with the PS3 and 360 and watching him dance in his brief.

    How arrogant is Marissa Miller? All she does is talk about how hot she is. I think Stacy Keibler is hotter than her. Even Eliza Dushku is hotter than her. Even those silver painted angels were hotter than her.

    It seems like they ran out of games for the categories. I agree that Fallout 3 should not have been called an RPG. I don't think Fable 2 should be considered an RPG either. When I think of RPG, I think of turn-based games.

    GTA IV winning game of the year is a joke. MGS 4, LBP, Fallout 3, and Gears 2 were better than GTA IV.

    I don't think they rehearsed it. Was the Neil Patrick Harris thing suppose to happen that way or did he just screwed up when he didn't know who won.

    Kojima didn't get the game god award because Kojima got it a few years ago. He was inducted in the VGA's Hall of Fame or something like that. It was a pretty big honor since Kojima was the first one to receive that award.

    The God of War III trailer could not have been lamer. It was like 20 seconds or something like that. Didn't really show anything that we haven't seen before. Like we've never seen Kratos rip the wings of the harpies or how he pulls the Cyclops eyes out. I was hoping to see some of the boss battles.

    And did it really need to waste like 10 plus minutes just on the Tim Schaeffer and Brutal Legend segment. I thought it would never end.

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    It's a generic attempt to pull in gamers... I didn't bother watching it. I was busy like many gamers; I was gaming with the good and bad.

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