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Sarah Palin's church was the victim of arson, what is your opinion of this?

It's interesting how the election continues to affect the lives of the people in Wasilla. I wonder what they now think of the political process.

Of course, my speculation is entirely based on the presumption that this arson was the product of the "anti-semitic speech" that was apparently was present at the church and evidence of which came out during the election. Beyond that it's always a horrible thing to see a place of worship burnt down. Governor Palin apparently apologized to the Pastor, saying that she was sorry to have brought such long-lasting attention to the church if this attention was in fact the motive behind the attack.

For a link to my particular approach o a possible motive:

though there could be thousand of reasons the church was burned down, many of them non-election related.


Yknow just because she was the Republican candidate does not mean this was politically motivated. It could have been anybody who felt that they didn't believe the church's teachings, which were given focus during the campaign,

Update 2:

The planet: Accelerant was found to have been poured around the church, this wasn't a candle fire.

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    Funny how the Republicans who answered said that it was done by Liberals and Liberals are the ones who are hateful. I guess they forgot about that guy in Tennessee who went to a church and shot some people because of the "Liberal" movement of accepting gay people and immigrants.

    I agree with you

    I think it's sad when stuff like this happens

    I don't like her at all,but I would never want something bad like this to happen to anyone

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    Hear the silence? Not a word of concern – much less of outrage - has appeared thus far on the editorial pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Los Angeles Times concerning a despicable act, regardless of the motives of its perpetrator. All that is known at this point is that Alaska authorities view the fire as an act of arson, and that church officials decline to say if they have received any recent threats. Now imagine that, instead of the arsonist’s target being Wasilla Bible Church, the match was lit against Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, the former (though I'm sure he still support it) congregation of President-elect Barack Obama. Does anybody doubt that the editorial pages of the nation’s top newspapers would be exploding with turgid, outraged demands for a full FBI investigation, along with reams of analysis based on the assumption that the motive of the arsonist was political and/or racial. Arson for any reason is a serious felony. When it is committed for political reasons, it is especially heinous no matter the identity of the intended victims. And it should be noted that there were a number of innocent people working on various holiday projects in Palin’s church when the arsonist started the conflagration. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed, despite the blaze that did an estimated $1 million in property damage. The silence is deafening

  • * Let the arson investigators do their work; let's all wait for their conclusions.

    *If some loony-tooner did this, he/she doesn't reflect their race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Most arsonists are loners and very disturbed people...and it's all too common that firemen are sometimes involved: I'm not saying that that is the case in this instance, I'm just pointing out a point-out.

    *If indeed this was a loner, he/she will be bursting, at some point, to share sordid, sick psycho fantasy and they'll tell someone else, and that person will probably/hopefully turn them in.

    *I'm an Independent and thought that Palin was an abomination to the American political scene, BUT: no church, building, home, trailer, shed or outhouse should be arsonated. I hope that when the felon is caught, that the judge throws the book at them. I also believe that come Judgment Day, that arsonist (if indeed it was arson, not some kind of freak accident, which it probably wasn't) will find out what fire is REALLY like, forever and ever, amen.

    Source(s): Until then: please, no conspiracy theories.
  • You know, I cannot STAND Governor Palin. I really, really can't stand her.

    And I'm not real fond of her religious beliefs.

    I'm a Chicago Obama fan that grew up in Atlanta. Not only do we grow Democrats, we grow 'em BIG and LOUD.

    But that was a CHURCH!

    That was a CHURCH with people INSIDE it, with CHILDREN.

    The fire was started at the ENTRANCE!

    To trap people inside!

    At Christmas time, no less, where people would BE in church getting ready for the holiday.

    That was attempted MURDER.

    And should be prosecuted as such!

    I don't give a damn who they were or what reasons they felt they had to set a church on fire KNOWING people and children were inside.

    I hope they find the bastards that set that church on fire...QUICKLY.

    Prosecute them to the FULLEST extent of the law for arson AND attempted murder.

    And let them rot in prison until the day they die

    It wasn't PALIN'S was GOD'S church.

    And this is America, where we have freedom of religion.

    What they did was against God, religion, the ideas this country was founded on, the people inside that church, and the law!

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    How many people in history have died and continue to die in the name of God? God is a powerful motivation, as is politics to some others.

    As powerful as the GOP is in that state I find it doubtful we will ever really know why the fire was really set. That is if there is anything negative to the GOP in this crime. That said they should have released more information already on the reason the person set fire.

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    In my opinion, it seems someone set fire to the church Sarah Palin happens to be a member of. It remains to be seen if there is a connection or not. Plenty of whack-o people commit arson every day. They all have their motives. I do not jump to conclusions.


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    I think it's terrible; it's very sad. I didn't vote for Palin, but NO one deserves to be the victim of arson.

    Equally sad? The transparent desperation of SOME people on this forum to somehow pin this on Obama or his supporters.

    Even if the person who is responsible for this IS a liberal/Obama supporter, he or she doesn't represent all liberals any more than the 9/11 hijackers represent all Muslims, or Jim Jones represents all Christians.

    But it's so nice to see the hate being fomented left and right.

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    The church building was only 2-3 years old.

    A new construct would be heavily mortgaged.

    The congregation likely donated heavily to the campaign at a time when donations are down.

    I think they burned it themselves for the insurance money.

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    Some dipwad set fire to the church. It may be politically motivated but then again she is so popular there it might just be some idiots who decided to burn down a church. Anyone who commits a crime like this against someone of the opposite political party is not representative of thier party no matter which one it is.

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    Maybe someone saw Palin on there during the campaign when they were trying to drive the witches out of her! Oh my, and some kook probably thought the devil lived in there or something to do with Palin and thought that her Church was a big mockery of religion, she was trying to attract some religious extremest, and they must have taken her words the wrong way, but then at her rally she had people getting beat up! Some leader

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