Problem with homemade humidor humidity?

I have a homemade humidor, made of an airtight wooden box. I lined the inside with cedar wood that I got from breaking up cigar boxes, and I have a humidity puck that I made from some florist's oasis. I mixed some propelyne (sp) glycol with water at a 50-50 mix, but my humidity doesn't stay at approx. 70. I'm having to soak the oasis every 3 days and re water the cedar wood to keep it at 70 for 3 days. If I don't, it drops to 60 and stabilizes there. I've been adding only distilled water, as from what I understand, the more glycol, the less humidity it creates What am I doing wrong and how can I keep the humidity at 70 for more than 3 days?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    most of those pucks dont work well .. look for the jars that have the "crystals" in them.. the retain the moisture better... also make sure you are keeping your humidor out of sight.. the more exposure to the air the quicker the de-humidifying happens

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