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wat is ur nba 2k8 or 2k9 association roster?

wat is your nba 2k8 or 2k9 association roster and how did u get it/ wat trades did u do?

plz dont answer if u used trade override


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    pg:Iverson (89)

    sg:Bryant (93)

    sf:Lebron james (99)

    pf Garnnet (87)

    C bynum(89)

    that after 4 Seasonss i have a really strong beanch to with D.Howerd,Lamar odom etc..

  • 4 years ago

    I even have made maximum of institutions, i've got lost count selection lol. right this is one PG - Rajon Rondo SG - OJ Mayo SF - Rudy gay PF - Drafted guy - 1st usual Rebounding professional C - Marcus Camby

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