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Investing With Primerica?

Investing with Primerica, is it good? What about life insurance from Primerica. Is it a good option?

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    PFS Investments Inc has received the Dalbar Service Award for 4 straight years. Primerica Life Insurance is a member of the IMSA and has AM Best Rating of A+. Basically what these awards are for is that Primerica has excellent customer service and is a strong financial company.

    Before opening an investment account, your Primerica representative will need to ask you some questions and from the answers you give, he/she will find investments that are suitable for you. As for the life insurance, Primerica offers one of the cheapest term insurance products in the industry. For a 30 year old getting $250,000 coverage for a 30 year term insurance, the monthly premium is around $30/month (if you are in good health) to $60/month (if you are a smoker).

    But the true value in Primerica is that your Primerica representative can do a complimentary financial needs analysis (FNA) on you. The FNA examines your current financial situation and provides solutions on how to get it in align to your financial goals and dreams. It will provide solutions on how to get out of debt, how much you need to save every month, how much income protection you need, and figure out if you will fall short of your goals (meaning you need to raise your income).

    I personally have my Roth IRA and the 30 year term insurance at Primerica.

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    Primerica is part of Citigroup -- along with Citibank, Travellers Insurance, etc. Don't ask here "is it good." Do your homework and due diligence before investing anywhere. Comparison shop insurance policies, etc.

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